Tamil Nadu has not understood my explanation on Mekedatu, says CM Yediyurappa

Karnataka chief minister BS Yediyurappa on Tuesday stood his ground on the Mekedatu project across the river Cauvery and said Tamil Nadu has not properly understood the points he explained in his letter to his Tamil Nadu counterpart MK Stalin.

There are no legal hurdles for Karnataka to go ahead with the project, though Tamil Nadu has, in 2018 itself, filed a miscellaneous petition before the Supreme Court.

Karnataka is in the process of getting all regulatory approvals and will also take all administrative and legal steps needed to start the project work, the chief minister said in a statement.

Yediyurappa said he wrote a letter to Stalin in order to establish a cordial relationship with the neighbouring state as a new elected government has taken over there.

Karnataka is keen to build the dam as its officials believe the surplus water available during the years of good rainfall can meet the additional drinking water needs of Bengaluru and nearby towns and villages for the next 100 years.

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