Take Your Entertainment Experience To The Next Level With Tata Play

Since its inception, modes of entertainment have evolved substantially. People used to meet in a specific house in a locality to watch television, but today they can watch their favourite shows even while travelling. Since the introduction of cable television with a full menu of different content, entertainment viewing has come a long way. Nowadays, the field is collaboratively shared by the two major players – Direct-to-home (DTH) service providers and over-the-top (OTT) platforms.

Tata Play: amalgamating the excellence of both worlds

Tata Sky, rebranding itself as Tata Play, has taken great strides to shape the future of Indian entertainment. They are offering their consumers a simple and flexible way to enjoy their favourite content on any screen, at any time. With the freedom to choose the viewing device -smartphone, laptop, TV, users now can watch their desired content as they wish. The brand’s services will let viewers enjoy both benefits of OTT and DTH without the inconvenience of juggling between multiple HDMI ports. 

With this new movement to optimize DTH services, Tata Play has re-established its ability to modernize and innovate the ongoing media trends and catapult its subscribers’ viewing experience to the next level. 

Looking back

The different benefits of DTH and OTT have made them favourites among avid TV watchers. Its broad reach, huge customer base, uninterrupted service, and easy handling have made it the first choice of Indian viewers. With the emergence of Tata Play, getting a new DTH connection is now an easy task. 

On the other end, OTT mainly delivers content through the internet. With the advancement of handheld cellular devices, the popularity of OTT is increasing fast. OTT platform offers unique content with a multi-screen viewing experience, on-demand distribution, and access from multiple devices, thus making it a significant contender in the entertainment distribution space. Tata Play already offered some great content options in OTT. Now, with the inclusion of Netflix, the experience will be pretty incredible for viewers. If you are a die-hard Netflix fan, you will already know the variety of shows available on the platform. With Tata Play, your netflix-and-chill sundays will be worth the efforts you have put in the whole week. 

Providing excellent services from both platforms

With their novel approach of bringing satellite TV channels and popular OTT content in a single platform, Tata Play is set to become the best DTH service provider in India. According to seasoned viewers, although OTT content is providing novel experiences, the excitement of watching linear TV programs such as news, live sports events, game shows is still there. Tata play makes this whole experience seamless with their various Binge combo packs. 

Moreover, in the present situation, you would have to shell out a significant amount of money to subscribe to these multiple services. With Tata Play and their Binge combo packs, the customers can enjoy the engrossing experience of both OTT and DTH under a single subscription at a budget-friendly price. 

One of India’s most popular brands, Tata Play, has geared up to set a new standard in the content viewing landscape. With a full menu of features, services and the best hybrid TV experience, it is sure to make a colossal sway in the home entertainment market. 





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