Sudan bans travellers from India, imposes virus curbs

Sudan on Tuesday banned travellers arriving from India and imposed new coronavirus restrictions including closing schools, as coronavirus cases rise.

“Entry will be prevented for all travellers arriving directly from India or through any other country after having visited India in the past 14 days,” said the country’s ruling council in a statement.

Travellers from Egypt and Ethiopia will be re-tested upon arrival, it said.

India is experiencing elevated numbers of Covid-19 cases following the spread of a variant which has been classified by the World Health Organisation as a “variant of concern.”

Sudan has registered 34,707 Covid-19 cases including 1,116 fatalities as of May 16.

Authorities fear the virus caseload would exceed 100,000 during the first and second weeks of June if people fail to take the necessary measures, according to the statement.

“The Supreme Health Emergencies Committee … ordered the suspension of all universities and schools for a month,” it said.

Mass prayers and rituals will also be put on hold.

The coronavirus has piled pressure on Sudan which is navigating a rocky political transition and struggling with economic woes following the April 2019 ouster of longtime autocrat Omar al-Bashir.

Its dilapidated healthcare system was already strained by acute shortages of medicines and medical supplies.

In March, the country began inoculating healthcare workers after receiving

vaccinations through the Covax initiative which provides jabs to poor countries.

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