Stellantis launches its own reward miles program


You accrue Stellantis Miles points by driving, biking or walking, and those points get you stuff.


By now, we’re all reasonably familiar with the concept of airline miles. You accrue miles as you travel, which can be used later for more travel or buying weird stuff out of in-flight magazines. What if that same concept were applied to your car?

That’s just what Stellantis is doing with its new Stellantis Miles program, which it announced on Thursday. The program, administered by the company Miles, is available to owners of Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler, Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Ram vehicles and you access it using a free app available in both the iOS App Store and the Google Store.

You can spend points on stuff or even donate them to charity.


“Our vision at Miles is to reward mobility as universal behavior, creating a new economy and marketplace where every mile traveled accrues to value,” Miles CEO Jigar Shah said in a statement. “We are excited to partner with Stellantis to launch the first-ever rewards program in the auto industry that truly rewards customers for all their travel — combining the breadth of our marketplace, exclusive rewards for Stellantis customers and direct integration with their existing brand programs.” 

Participants can accrue points by doing a bunch of different things. For example, if you drive your vehicle, you get two points for every mile of travel. If you ride a bike or walk, you get five or 10 points per mile, respectively, which is cool because it encourages physical activity. It’s not clear how the app will log walking or biking miles, though.

Now you’re probably wondering what these points are actually good for, and Stellantis says that it’s partnered with over 250 retailers to offer rewards like discounts or gift cards. You can also donate your points to help raise money for charities like One Tree Planted or the National Breast Cancer Foundation, though the conversion rates from points to dollars donated aren’t yet specified.

The real question is whether dealers will be willing to help buyers of new Stellantis vehicles set the program up with their vehicles. Surveys have shown that even with tech built into a vehicle, if a dealer doesn’t show a new owner how it works, it won’t get used. The next hurdle would likely be educating existing owners about Stellantis Miles and convincing them that it’s worth using.

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