Spider-Man joins Marvel’s Avengers on Nov. 30

Look at who's swinging by

Look who’s swinging by. 

Crystal Dynamics

After much teasing, Spider-Man’s debut in Marvel’s Avengers has a date. The friendly neighborhood web-slinger will appear in the game as a new downloadable character, but only on the PS4 and PS5

A new trailer on Thursday shows Spider-Man jumping into the fray against some A.I.M. soldiers. Spidey will be part of the upcoming PlayStation exclusive expansion With Great Power that comes out Nov. 30. 

Although the game received a lukewarm reception when it came out last year, developer Crystal Dynamic continues to release new content for the game in the form of characters and quests while winning over more players to the game. The With Great Power expansion will have players participate in a raid against Klaw, the vibranium hunter who’s trying to destroy Wakanda. 

Publisher Square Enix released another Marvel game last month, Guardians of the Galaxy, which surprised many comic book fans with its great humor and incredible soundtrack. 

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