Solo Stove sale: Warm up the backyard with savings up to 45% on fire pits and accessories


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While the outdoors season might be winding down, the early Black Friday deals on these modernized fire pits, accessories and bundles are worth jumping on while you have the chance. The limited-time sale started on Nov. 11 and will run until midnight ET this Sunday, Nov. 14, and features some pretty substantial savings almost sitewide. 

Note that the Solo Yukon is currently our pick for best smokeless fire pit. See our list of best fire pits.

Save over 30% On Fire Pits

Solo Stove’s sleek, stainless-steel fire pits feature a perforated base for an efficient fire that makes use and cleanup almost effortless. Designed for a variety of settings, these fire pits come in three different sizes, ranging from 15 pounds to 38 pounds. The smaller Ranger is compact and portable and designed to be taken on the go. The midsize Bonfire is great for backyard get-togethers and cookouts. Designed for roaring bonfires and bigger gatherings, the Yukon is the largest model. All three sizes are currently on sale now for over 33% off.

Save up to 30% On accessories

In addition to their stylish fire pits, Solo Stove also makes a wide array of accessories to help you get the most out of your preferred pit. Accessories range from stands and lids to cast-iron cooking equipment. Here are the best deals on accessories on the site right now.

Solo Stove

A set of stainless-steel tongs and poker to stoke and rebuild your fire with.

Solo Stove

A 4-pack of stainless-steel roasting sticks with their own carrying case,  ideal for roasting out on the road or at home.

Solo Stove

This aluminum-frame shelving station is designed for compact storage of your fire pit, firewood and accessories. Even large enough to house the bulkier Yukon.

Solo Stove

This set of durable, stainless-steel grilling tools includes a spatula, meat fork and tongs and comes with its own carrying case.

Save over 40% on Fire Pit Bundles

If you’re looking to maximize your savings, these sales on fire pit bundles are your best bet. The bundles come in three tiers that each have options for the Ranger, Bonfire and Yukon sizes.

Solo Stove

The lowest-price bundle is just the essentials. You get a fire pit, a stand to keep it from resting directly on the ground and a black nylon carrying case.

Solo Stove

The next step up, the backyard bundle includes a steel-mesh shield to protect your site from sparks and embers, as well as a PVC-coated cover for protection against the weather.

Solo Stove

The ultimate bundle is the highest tier of the three and comes with an array of accessories. In addition to everything included in the other two, it also includes a poker, a pair of tongs and four stainless-steel pronged roasting sticks. All of which come with their own carrying cases. Everything you need for a cozy night around the fire.

Camp Stoves: Buy one, get one free

Solo Stove camp stoves feature the same perforated base design in a much more compact package. With the heaviest model weighing in at only 2.2 pounds, these extremely portable stoves are great for camping and backpacking. Like the Solo Stove fire pits, these come three different sizes, all of which are on sale now for up to 26% off and include a buy-one-get-one-free offer for another stove of the same model.

NOTE: To claim the BOGO offer you only need to have one in your cart, and the second will be added during checkout.

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