Social Media Marketing: 4 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Want to increase Instagram engagement for your brand? From launching giveaways to reworking your content schedule there are tons of ways to ensure you make the most of your business Instagram account.

Don’t stop reading now, you’re not going to want to miss any of the marketing tips we have to offer you below.

  1. Stay Consistent 

The first of many marketing tips we have to offer you is to post consistently. If you don’t post it will increase the chances of your followers unfollowing you because they assume your account is inactive.

If you want to increase engagement and the number of followers you have it’s important to remain active on your account. Take some time to review the data to find out when your followers are the most active and the types of posts they engage with the most.

Ensure when you post content it’s during these active times to increase the chances of getting followers to engage with each post. Another thing to remember when you are posting is to create a sustainable schedule.

For example, when you’re in the process of growing your social media account you might post a lot more. This is to get content out there for followers to reference when they choose to visit your page.

However, the issue with doing this is you might not be able to continue sustaining this posting schedule. You need to evaluate your target audience and ensure you’re not posting so much that’s it’s overkill and not too little so that people think you’ve abandoned your account.

  1. Use the Account to Tell Stories 

Another useful way to improve engagement across your Instagram account is to tell stories instead of preaching to your followers. When you preach at people it comes off as an overbearing parent that is yelling at you for doing things you’re not supposed to be doing.

Social media is meant to be used as inspiration for people through the use of visuals like videos and images. When we say to tell a story, we don’t mean reading a book.

It means to use your posts as a way of telling your followers about your brand. Let them know who your company is by nurturing an emotional connection with each of your posts. If you’re unsure of how to do this take some time to check out the accounts of your competitors.

Take note of the things they do and how much their followers engage with what they’ve posted. By doing this you can gain a deeper understanding of what you shouldn’t do on your business account and things you can do better to increase Instagram engagement.

  1. Craft a Strong Brand 

The first step in any marketing scheme, especially when you want to increase social media engagement is to craft your brand. Instagram is the perfect place to increase brand awareness, but you’ve got to understand who you are as a company before you begin posting.

As you use Instagram the best way to build a strong brand is to have a clearly defined method of presenting your profile to followers. This means following a style or aesthetic that represents your brand’s personality and helps you to remain fresh.

For example, if you’re a part of the food and beverage industry you need to show followers why they need to stop by your restaurant to try your food. To do this it would be beneficial to post colorful and vibrant photos of the food you cook.

People eat with their eyes first and an engaging photo is the best way to get followers’ interest piqued about what else you’ve got to offer. If you’ve chosen a black and white design aesthetic you wouldn’t gain the same amount of engagement because your photos won’t pack the same amount of punch as they do in full color.

  1. Hashtag the Right Way 

Hashtags aren’t just words you attach to the photos you post on your Instagram business account. Hashtags are a way to rise above your competition if you use them right.

We recommend you take time to research popular hashtags that pertain to your specific niche and zero in on the ones that will increase your engagement. If you select a generic hashtag you’re going to face a lot of competition.

This means it will be challenging for people to find your post amongst the millions of other posts utilizing the same hashtag. When using hashtags mix it up and use a combination of hashtags that are trending and tags relevant to your niche.

This will give you a higher chance of finding a combination of hashtags that allow you to engage with followers without having to face lots of competition in the process. Instagram allows you to use a maximum of 30 hashtags, but you don’t want to go overboard because it can appear unprofessional.

Instead, stick with less than 10 carefully chosen hashtags to post in the caption of your posts. Hashtagging is the best way to get likes for Instagram.

Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement 

There are tons of ways to increase Instagram engagement like using the right hashtags. But remember don’t go overboard or you risk looking unfocused in targeting the right audience.

Another thing you should remember to do is post as consistently as possible. No one wants to follow an abandoned business account, instead, they want to interact with businesses that care about their customers.

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