Sneeze Guards: An Effective Way to Stop the Spread of Coronavirus

Sneezes and coughs, according to the American Lung Association, are your body’s way of expelling irritants from your nose and lungs. Unfortunately, using such a manner to remove irritants spreads germs in a big spray of mucus, saliva, and germs. A cough can go at speeds of up to 50 mph and discharge about 3,000 droplets in a single burst. Sneezes are much more powerful, with speeds of up to 100 mph and up to 100,000 droplets.

According to public health professionals and government politicians, the best instrument to limit the coronavirus pandemic is social separation. However, due to the nature of their industry, many firms are unable to effectively manage to keep people away by six feet or more. Imagine exchanges between a bank worker and a customer or assembly-line workers in food processing plants standing shoulder to shoulder. In those and other instances where safe social separation is impossible, a shield may help in minimizing the spread of infections.

About sneeze shields

Cough and sneeze guards were first built around “all you can eat” buffets and supper-club salad bars in the 1950s to prevent food contamination. Cough and sneeze shields are installed in various places now, from grocery stores to post offices, as a preventative measure against the extremely dangerous coronavirus (COVID-19).

sneeze guard isn’t a medical device. But it possesses PPE properties that help delay transmission, even if the consumer and employee aren’t wearing masks. Shields also give people an extra sense of security as they warily re-enter the so-called new normal. Shields reflect an organization’s commitment to its employees’ health, which aids in employee retention. Guards can also serve as a visible reminder to practice good hygiene to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. 

Design of an apt sneeze shield

Effective sneeze guards are tall and wide enough to protect a person standing or seated. These figures are based on a typical consumer standing between five and six feet tall. Shields should be able to cover the entire encounter. 

Shields made on a shoestring budget are unlikely to withstand the rigors of daily wear and tear. Shields, in clean-room environments, for example, must endure the rigors of recurrent deep cleaning. They have to endure hot temperatures and specific cleaning agents such as ethanol, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, isopropyl alcohol, and soap solutions. All of these cleaning agents are specifically recommended by the CDC in the fight against coronavirus. Disinfection should be mandatorily done every day.

Preferred material

Although some manufacturers prefer tempered glass or Plexiglas, polycarbonate shields have numerous advantages over their counterparts. Polycarbonate is more difficult to scratch, lowering the risk of bacteria hiding within abrasions, and it can be easily cleaned. Furthermore, it is stronger than glass but lighter in weight, with excellent resistance to long-term exposure to external elements such as UV rays.


What will the world be like once the Covid-19 starts losing its strength? Most likely, the changes that were thought temporary previously, such as the wearing of masks, the habitual washing of hands, and, of course, the use of sneeze guards anywhere people interact closely, will become permanent.

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