Snatch a 12-inch Victoria cast-iron skillet for $15 right now


Victoria Cookware

Cast iron isn’t shiny or flashy like some cookware, but it’s remarkably consistent and effective. Cast iron both holds and imparts more surface heat than just about any other material and so can sear the heck out of steaks, burgers and chicken or build a beautiful crust on a piece of cajun-dusted fish or batch of home fries. It’s also tough as nails and will last you as long as you’re willing to care for it. Cast iron isn’t terribly expensive either, but this Victoria 12-inch cast-iron skillet on sale for $15 at Macy’s is really about as inexpensive as you’ll find a quality piece. 

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If you’ve been wanting to snatch up a piece of cast iron on the cheap, this is as low as we’ve seen the pan drop to date. Macy’s will ship your (rather heavy) order for free too, if it’s up over $25. Whatever you do, don’t let this cast-iron deal slip through your fingers. 

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