Small Business Digital Marketing: Creating a Formula That Gets Results

We live in a world in which close to 80% of shoppers make purchase decisions after watching a video. This is an indicator that you can never do too much to get your digital marketing in order.

Small business digital marketing is one of your greatest assets today when you master it or get help from a professional. So, what can you do to get results?

We’re happy to explain. Use these digital marketing tips to your advantage so that your company and brand grow in revenue and notoriety.

Take a Detailed Look at Your Goals

Any digital marketing strategy should be built on the back of well-researched goals. When your goals are clear and well-defined, you’ll be able to tackle the most important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Here are some digital marketing goals that you might want to focus on:

  • Increased sales margins and conversions
  • Higher organic traffic numbers
  • Growth in social media followers and subscribers
  • New analytics information about your target demographics
  • A higher click-through rate (CTR)

Create a deadline for any goals and measure the results every step of the way. From there, you can make adjustments as needed.

Focus on Stellar Content

You can always win big as long as you create content that people are interested in. Some 84% of organizations today are putting content marketing to use.

This should serve as a foundational part of your digital marketing campaign. Keep your brand tone in mind, and always include your social media handles, website, logo, and other defining brand characteristics.

Examples of content that you can put out include blogs, vlogs, courses, and infographics. Post your content regularly as part of your marketing schedule, and constantly improve the quality and expand on the focus.

Learn Some Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the glue that holds together all of your digital marketing efforts. Quality SEO will bring more traffic to your site and grow your brand awareness and recognition across all your major platforms.

Learn the difference between SEO and SEM so that you can mix and match your use of them. SEO gets you long-term organic results, while search engine marketing (SEM) lets you pay your way to the top of search engine results pages (SERP).

Both are necessary for successful digital marketing, so make sure Google is a priority for the next several years.

Build an E-Mail Marketing Plan

Effective digital marketing also involves the traffic that you keep. An e-mail marketing plan will further your communication with people that stop by your site or social media. Provide an opt-in opportunity, such as an e-book, coupon code, or promise for pertinent information sent to their e-mail boxes.

E-commerce businesses routinely use e-mail marketing to remind customers that abandoned their shopping carts. Learn how to write catchy, effective e-mails that get the conversions and results that you need.

Handle Your Small Business Digital Marketing

You’ll enjoy the best small business digital marketing results when you apply the tips in this article. Research as much as you can about digital marketing, and don’t hesitate to hire a professional that can assist you with your campaigns.

Begin with these tips and check out some of our other posts when you need more marketing advice.




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