Simple Steps for Getting Your Business Online for The First Time

Scaling your business with King Kong online and building an online presence can be done in a few simple steps. Beginning with creating a basic website and following through with email newsletters or offers and social media pages can get your business in front of millions of people. 

Build a Website

There are many ways in which to create a website for your business, with many being able to be done in a day. A small business is able to use a website platform that allows people without experience to build their own website. These use drag and drop processes to add in the information, images, and contact details for the business while providing a full theme and color scheme already made. Some can be completed in one sitting and will have your business online in a day. A more detailed and complicated site can be created by a website builder and creator. They are available online and in a city near you. These professionals will consult with you to determine what you need and what style you require, then build a site right from the beginning to fit your needs. This can take a few months due to the difficulty of building from nothing and will include finding a domain name as well as a host for your website. This is a better choice for larger businesses that need more details and functionality in their site. 

List in Online Listing

Several directories online are available to add to your business. These include businesses such as the yellow pages that offer listing services and review capabilities even without a full website. This will help your business to show in the search results from your area, and advertisements can be used to bring more attention to your business. 

Create Social Media Accounts

Social media is very popular and creates a way for millions of people around the world to interact with your brand. Any account can be built within a day, and all the needed details can be added. The flexibility allows for frequent updates, and the ability to post thoughts, ideas, sales, and more can keep your business in front of potential and returning customers. Use images to grab their attention and use the features to converse with customers and provide two-way interactions. 


Email communication can be key to staying up to date with customers. These can be easily connected to any social media or website and will help to tie it all together. Newsletters can be created easily with a program, and they will be sent to your full customer base. Adding a newsletter to your online communications can be a good way to advertise sales, changes in processes, or anything else you need to communicate. It is important to have a web presence for your business, as many people find their products and services online. Search engines bring up a list of results, and people will most often choose a business listed on the first three pages, while those that do not have a website at all will not place highly on the list. 


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