Similarities and differences between aluminium railings and glass railings

Aluminium Railings in Delhi are best manufactured by Satkartar Glass Solutions. They are the pioneers in the glass industry and aluminium railings in Delhi NCR, particularly have gained huge popularity as they are budget-friendly and low maintenance. Railings anyways are an integral part of any given infrastructure, irrespective of the type of infrastructure or the size of the infrastructure. Since ancient times, railings used in the most iconic and famous monuments of all time. The main reason why railings use in every infrastructure project is that provide structural support, they also offer aesthetically pleasing features to the space. And, these days you just name it and you can find almost any and every type of railings.

Nowadays, some of the most common types of railings used in the infrastructure industry are aluminium railings and glass railings. These are very popular in almost every infrastructure building in metropolitan cities. In this article, we will be discussing similarities and the differences between aluminium and glass railings.

Similarities between glass railings:-

The similarities between glass and aluminium railings are listed as below:-

Both kinds of railings use aluminium:-

Well, aluminium railings use aluminium. But, a lesser-known fact about glass railings is that they too use aluminium. In glass railings, the base on which glass panels are mounted is made up of aluminium.

Both kinds of railings have special coating:-

Both glass and aluminium coat with a special protective layer on their surface, to protect them from corrosion. This known as anodizing. Post this process, both glass and aluminium become resistant to sun, rain, snow, wind, salt and others. It also prevents the accumulation of dirt on the surface of the railings.

The installation process for both types of railing is the same:-

This is another similarity between aluminium and glass railings. They mount using the same type of chemical or concrete screws.

For both, a strict no is for using bricks and slabs:-

In the case of both aluminium railings and glass railings, bases made of bricks and concrete slabs are not at all recommended, for glass and aluminium railings, as they cannot provide the required support, strength and durability for safe usage.

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What are the differences between glass and aluminium railings?

How do they look?

Everyone knows that glass railings are the most eye-pleasing when it comes to railing materials. They provide the most unrestricted view and provide a feeling of openness and spaciousness. It gives a unique look to the overall design of the building. Glass railings can easily mounted on an integrated aluminium base, and provide a more sleek overall look to the infrastructure.


Glass railings are more durable and have much more strength than aluminium railings. This difference in the strength of the railings comes from the strength of the tempered laminated glass.

With or without handrails:-

Handrails are mandatory for aluminium railings. But, not for glass railings. In the case of glass railings, you can achieve a completely clean look, even without any handrails.


Both glass and aluminium railings require maintenance. But, glass railings need more maintenance as compared to aluminium railings.


Glass railings are not very expensive, but in comparison to aluminium railings, they are more expensive. And, this expense depends on a lot of factors such as the type of glass used and its style and design.


Aluminium railings in Delhi are one of the most popular parts of Delhi buildings, both commercial and residential. And, they will remain a key part of the construction industry.


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