Services of Age Verification in Different Online Businesses

Identity verification has become a ray of hope for all the online businesses who are just passionate to eliminate the losses originated by identity thefts and online frauds. It must be noted that not all the Know Your Customer verification services are to diminish losses but some like age verification services are performed to determine the age of the individual. Applications of an age verification solution vary from platform to platform. Before a detailed discussion. Let’s first look at what age verification actually is. 

Online Age Verification 

The Age verification solution detects the age of a potential client to make sure whether they are eligible to buy certain age-related products or not. A basic KYC solution runs facial and document verification while the advanced ones also perform age verification to ensure better KYC and KYCC.

How to Verify Age?

To check age verification online, the user is asked to enter their date of birth in the automated system. Once they provide their DOB. They are required to upload the image of their identity document issued by the government. The system then cross-checks whether the date of birth entered by the user. And that mentioned on the document is the same or not. After that, age verification is done by the system that checks whether the user falls within such an age bracket or not.

Age Verification in Online Businesses

Here is how age verification provides its services in different online businesses. 


  1. E-Commerce Sector

As the name suggests, the e-commerce platform deals with the selling and purchasing of goods and services. It is really important for the platform to determine the age of their client. To ensure that the age-exclusive product is sold out to the potential customer and not to the minors. But this is really not an easy task to perform manually. Thus the age verification system eases the job. And proves to be an efficient way of checking the age of the client to avoid age-related threats. 

  1. Gaming World

The gaming industry is strictly obliged to run age verification before it onboard any client. The main reason behind performing age checks on users is to make sure. That they fall under a particular age limit eligible to play certain games, That they do not get addicted to playing games. In fact, the age verification solution facilitates the gaming industry in retaining potential users and also keeping minors away.  

  1. Medical Stores

Where age verification is helping the different sectors, pharmacies are not an exception. There are some drugs that are really not made for children. Even many of the medicines come with the label “keep it out of the reach of children”. So, in that case, age verification becomes really important to check who is an underaged individual. And should be kept away from purchasing drugs that could be fatal for them.

  1. Legal Sector

You might wonder but yes, the legal sector requires AML and KYC services to comply with the regulations. Sometimes a legal representative is in such a state that their rights are given to a particular person when they reach a certain age limit. In those situations, fraudsters take advantage and manipulate that legal representative by faking their identity. This is where age verification helps. Furthermore, age verification if implemented in electronic voting systems would cut down the hassle, cost, and scams in elections.

  1. Government Pension funds


Many senior citizens are offered beneficiary programs by the government or NGOs in the form of pensions, health benefits, food tokens, etc. What criminals do, they just fake or steal the IDs of those innocent citizens for getting illegal benefits. Thus, KYC including age verification becomes essential for such entities. Once the age verified, it helps to protect the innocent and deserving citizens from being exploited by fraudsters and criminals.  

Shufti Pro’s Services


The identity verification solution of Shufti Pro also provides its clients with an age verification solution. The universal language support and its ability to verify documents across the globe make it the topmost choice of those platforms that are well known in the market. It provides its clients with accurate age verification results. It gives the businesses an option of “pay as you go” so that they are not bound with any minimum limit of verification in a month. The customer support that it provides is totally free and is a hassle-free experience for the clients. The technical team it has is so welcoming to address any issues related to the integration and functionalities of the age verification system.


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