Save up to $100 on the Nest Wifi mesh router

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Black Friday is still weeks away, but it’s not surprising to see a rush of good tech deals throughout all of November. Right now, that includes a number of deals on the Nest Wifi mesh router, one of the top recommendations from our guide to the best mesh routers money can buy.

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With multiple devices spread throughout your home, a good mesh system will amplify your home network and make it easier to connect at fast speeds when you’re far away from the main router. Even without support for Wi-Fi 6, Nest Wifi checks those boxes and then some, with voice-activated Google Assistant smart speakers built into each extender. That makes it an especially good pick for homes that already make use of the Google Assistant — as the system spreads a stronger Wi-Fi signal from room to room, it’ll expand the Assistant’s footprint throughout your home, too.

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Nest Wifi puts Google Assistant into your router


There are a number of Nest Wifi deals available right now, both direct from Google and from third-party sellers like Amazon. Here’s the rundown:


The Nest Wifi routers can be used as extenders just like the Nest Wifi Points can (and, for the record, all of it is backwards compatible with earlier-gen Google Wifi setups, too). The Nest Wifi router is also slightly more powerful than the Nest Wifi Point extenders, so this 2-piece setup that swaps in a second router in place of the Point would be a bit faster than the typical 2-piece Nest Wifi setup. The pair usually costs $300, but you can currently find it marked down on Amazon for $210, saving you $90.

Just remember that, unlike the Points, the Nest Wifi routers don’t include built-in Google Assistant smart speakers, so you’ll be missing out on Nest Wifi’s voice-activated smart home capabilities with this bundle. Then again, if you’re wary about the growing presence of big tech-connected microphones in our homes, then this setup might be exactly what you’re looking for.

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