Save $75 on the Gotrax Gmax Ultra electric scooter


Joseph Kaminski/CNET

Electric scooters and e-bikes are taking over city streets as an alternative to cramped public transportation and as new cars become absurdly expensive. The Gotrax Gmax Ultra is a last-mile scooter (meaning it’s designed for the last mile of your commute), capable of a top speed of 20 mph. 

This is Gotrax’s high-end scooter that’s usually $800. Order one directly from Gotrax and you can get it for $725 with the code CNET75. That’s $75 off and $75 lower than Amazon’s listed price, too.

We’re currently testing the Gmax Ultra, and will report back soon with our impressions, but so far it seems well-suited for our urban commuting needs.

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