Samant Brara Top Not so Important Activities that an Entrepreneur Must Eliminate TODAY

If you are an entrepreneur, then nothing is more precious than time. So, just imagine you just wave a wand and you get a huge, literally huge chunk of time back daily? Just think about what you could actually do with that! Samant Brara – a leading and popular business entrepreneur in the country says that there are so many young as well as established business owners who waste a lot of their precious time unthinkingly on tasks that can easily be eliminated or delegated. Many people think that being productive means being busy all the time. However, the reality is a bit different. Being productive and efficient means being more calculated and focused on your work.

So, if you also do not want to waste your precious time on useful activities, Samant Brara suggests entrepreneurs eliminate the following time-wasters from their list right away: 

  • Delegate regular tasks 

There are so many business owners who waste a huge amount of time in doing everyday tasks that they must delegate. To find out the extent and cause of the issue, you are advised to write down everything you do at the workplace in a day, week, or even month. This particularly includes various non-business tasks like using social media and surfing irrelevant non-work websites. After this, pinpoint every day’s three most important tasks from your to-do list. And when you do it, you will be able to realize that you are actually wasting your time. So, you should refocus on your efforts that are highly needed and shrink the duration of time you give to other ‘non-work’ tasks. As Samant Brara businessman says – maintaining the official website, managing the social media profiles, or scheduling meetings are something you can allow someone else to handle on your behalf.

  • Do not overspend your time on the web

As per many studies, people spend around 47% of their total time online. However, these numbers are before the popularity of social media channels so you can now imagine how far this percentage has already gone. Since social media and net surfing are more like an addiction, we do not even realize while using that we are spending more time on it. Even though we are in the eon where everything is digital, it is almost impossible to detach yourself completely but yes, you can always limit the uses.  

  • Allocate a specific time to handle messages

If you prefer answering calls, messages, and social media queries yourself, then you should allocate a specific time frame and a particular duration for the same. Samant Brara and many other entrepreneurs believe that these things not just chew up a huge amount of your precious time but can completely distract you from the important tasks. So, to save valuable time, you are advised to allot a specific time for these things.  

  • Always attend important meetings only

If you are an entrepreneur and in the market for some time, then you must agree that attending all meetings is important. There can be some situations where you can ask your junior to attend the same and represent your company. This simple method will help you save a lot of time that you can further utilize on something more important.  

Wrapping it up

You can also limit your business trips and traveling to a whole new place can eat up a huge chunk of your time. Only plan a trip when it is excessively important for your business and its growth. Otherwise, you can schedule a Zoom or Google Meet meeting to discuss things virtually. Since these suggestions are by India’s leading business entrepreneur – Samant Brara, you will surely be benefitted if you do follow the same.



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