Rumors About Cell Phone Repairs That You Should Ignore

Cell phones are a very popular form of communication in today’s world. There is always the temptation when you’re looking for solutions online about your device that can help fix it or get rid of some problem entirely – but there may be more than just truth behind these suggestions!

It pays off nicely if one reads closely before following any advice found on Google searches because most of the time they turn out not to have been written by an expert who knows what he/she’s talking about… like me 🙂

Let’s discuss some of the most common rumors related to cell phone repairs without further delay. 

Cell Phone Repairs Costs a Lot

Repairing your cell phone can be a daunting task. You might think that if you need it repaired, the price will cost an arm and leg but don’t worry!

There are many good repair shops out there (likely with a Cell Phone Repair Shop Software) who offer reasonable rates for services rendered – take my word on this one folks, because I’ve been through plenty of bad experiences myself before coming across some great technicians in downtown Chicago where all they did was charge me less than what most places ask per hour.

Since you are all ears right now, also, you should prefer the repair stores that have a Cell Phone Repair Shop Software. This means that such repair stores prefer excellent customer services. 

Third-Party Repairs Means My Warranty is Lost

You may be tempted to send your phone to another service center if it has been repaired by someone other than an authorized cell phone repair company.

This is where your mind asks you only to send your phone to the authorized center because otherwise, your warranty will void, but this is not the case!

If you dash out water on yours or break its display screen while under warranty, there will still likely remain some validity left in those periods even after sending off for repairs – so long as they’re handled properly! 

Your Handset Will Never Be the Same After Repair

This is all hearsay. This is truly a rumor. It is in fact very much possible that if your handset has broken due to you accidentally dropping it, it can easily be fixed.

This is because by dropping the handset, you may have broken its LCD. There are few chances that the motherboard may have got damaged. So by just changing the LCD, your handset will be as good as new.

So if you visit a reputable repair store, they’ll pull out the new LCD through their Cell Phone Repair Shop Software (which also manages the inventory effectively in the POS Software) and order one for your repairs.

One thing is that if your handset is old or a low sales model in your country, then there may be difficulty in getting the spares, but if you search the internet for it,  then you are bound to get it from somewhere and get it fixed.

Water Damaged Phones Can Be Fixed With Rice

One perception is that if your phone gets wet and then tries drying out in a bowl of uncooked rice, it will work again. This isn’t true!

This couldn’t be more wrong!

Rice has an affinity for moisture as well as water. So when you put the outside part of any device into this type/fashioning material, what happens over time (without proper care) moisture is absorbed by both components: The outer casing absorbs all kinds while also retaining some inside where they can cause problems later down the line.

Next time don’t even think of experimenting with the rice with your beloved cell phone! 

Every Phone Can Be Easily Repaired

Some people think that any handset can be easily repaired – like a repair shop software fixes all your mess. They are, to some extent, right but not fully right because, in any given man-made machine, there comes a stage when it crosses the limit when it can be brought back to life.

This also applies to mobile phones because there comes a stage when the handset has to be discarded because it is beyond repair or you will have to spend so much on it for repairs with which you can buy a better and new handset.

You may consider this option if you are an antique lover, and you can have this as a museum piece. Ha Ha Ha.


These are the most common rumors and misconceptions you should be aware of.

There are many more myths and rumors prevalent among people about cell phone repair. Please let us know if there is more to add to the list in the comments below. Please also consider sharing this article with your friends.


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