Rejoice: Aston Martin starts Valkyrie supercar production



Aston Martin

It’s been a really long time coming, but the first production Aston Martin Valkyrie entered the world on Thursday. The British carmaker said production is now up and running and the first car awaits delivery to its presumably delighted owner.

Aston Martin first showed the car as a concept back in 2016 with the codename AM-RB-001, which highlighted its ties to Red Bull Racing Advanced Technologies and the car’s Formula 1 heritage, though Aston Martin has since cut ties with Red Bull to instead race separately as the Aston Martin Cognizant F1 Team. 

The supercar rocks a Cosworth-developed 6.5-liter hybrid V12 engine that makes 1,160 horsepower and sounds delightful, to say the least. Each car takes roughly 2,000 hours to produce by hand, the company said, and continues to be a labor of love for the British marque. Aston Martin will build a total of 150 cars. 

The Valkyrie also beats its chief F1-inspired supercar rival to the road: the Mercedes-AMG One is set for production next year after numerous delays. The Aston Martin Valhalla and a reborn Vanquish will complete a lineup of new supercars for the brand in the years to come.

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