Range Hood for Sale: Types & Leading Brands

In Australia, the open plan for the kitchen has been a trend for a long time. The kitchen seamlessly extends into the other spaces of the house. The right rangehoods keep your kitchen clean, they can be canopied, wall-mounted or under-mounted depending on the need that you have. So, it becomes important that our kitchens are fitted with a good quality range hood that removes the heat, smoke, fumes, grease, and odor that is emitted while cooking before they travel all through the interiors of our home.

Since range-hoods have now become an important component of a contemporary Australian kitchen. There are range-hoods that are made for domestic use, and those that are targeted to major commercial kitchens.  So, range-hoods for sale are available both in stores as well as online sites to keep up with the demand.

Range Hoods on Sale: The Different Types-

The range-hoods vary in styles and categories, and you can select one that suits your requirements the best. The range of styles of range hoods for sale is so mind-boggling that at times, it can be very confusing which model to buy. There are 3 main types of range hoods available in the market.

  • Fixed Range Hoods:

These are the most common type of range hoods used in homes. They are so designed to be able to capture most of the fumes and odor. The fact that they are cheaper compared to the other types and easy to install, they are a popular choice among families.

  • Retractable Range Hoods:

They are also called slide-out range-hoods. As the name suggests, they can be drawn out while cooking and slide back when not in use. These types of range-hoods for sale completely are in sync with the sleek and modern fittings that people with minimalist décor taste prefer.

  • Canopy RangeHoods:

Earlier they were seen more in commercial kitchens but are gradually becoming the preferred choice in homes as well. They are the most powerful of the 3 types. The most efficient in clearing out the heat, odor, and air impurities. It can be mounted on the wall or over the kitchen island. They are more often used as a signature piece that grabs the attention of all your guests.

Ducted or Recirculating Range Hoods on Sale: Your Preferred Choice-

Whichever type of range hood you buy, you need to choose between the 2 following kinds:

  • Ducted:

Ducted models also known as extraction range-hoods, expel heat, steam, and odors outside the house. These range-hoods for sale are more powerful and effective in getting the interiors of your home rid of the fumes but they are more difficult to install. But it also depends on the size of your cooktop and the weight and size of the range hood that you have.

  • Recirculating:

In this system, the impure air is cleaned through a filter and recirculated in the kitchen. Also, if the fan does not work well after a few months. You should hire professionals, and always try to sign an annual maintenance contract with the company so that the entire system gets cleaned on time.

Best Range Hoods for Sale Brands in Australia-

When it comes to range hoods for sale, there are many reputed manufacturers who have made a name in the range hood sector with their superior quality products. Some of the popular brands are:

  • Bosch
  • Sirius
  • Westinghouse
  • Omega
  • Schweiger


When you look for options for range hoods for sale. The range of products is so extensive that it can be a difficult task for you to select one that fits your budget, requirements, and choice. Be focused on exactly what you want and make the best choice.


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