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If you are faced with a major or minor task to be solved by a really skilled carpenter, then grab Martin Landry. Our carpentry company handles everything from the small carpentry task to the big renovation. We have many subject areas under our roof, so we can offer total solutions if you need more than a carpenter usually can.

The competencies we do not have in-house ourselves, we have partners who can handle – and they place the same high demands on professionalism and solid craftsmanship as we do in our Tømrerfirma (Carpenter company). We have regular partners – because even if a carpenter can do a lot, he can not do everything. So we like to pull in a plumber, an electrician or a bricklayer when needed. Then you can assemble your entire turnkey contract with us.

Martin Landry is happy to offer total solutions. It allows you to complete large projects with just one contact and one bill. is a portal that conveys reviews of the work the carpenters actually do. It’s your way of making sure you hire a craftsman with good recommendations from their previous clients. For example, you can find reviews of carpentry jobs such as:

  1. New roof construction
  2. Execution of carpentry kitchen
  3. Replacement of windows
  4. Replacement of doors
  5. Wooden extension
  6. Rebuilding
  7. Setting up new rafters
  8. Roof work
  9. Flooring
  10. Construction of bay windows, conservatories and sheds

What project are you working on?

It is difficult to give a very concrete answer as to what a carpenter can help with and what he cannot. This is because it is one of the broadest fields within the trades. Therefore, it can be smart to contact a craftsman and talk to him or her about your specific task, so you know what you can get help with tømrer (Carpenter).

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It is also important to know that in some cases – for example with a major addition or conversion – you will undoubtedly need help from several different craftsmen. It could be, for example, a painter, an electrician, a plumber or something completely different. If you are involved in a major construction project, it is not only a good master carpenter that you need to find out. Fortunately, there is help to be had if you find it unmanageable to be left with a large construction project on your own.

When choosing a carpenter or joiner for a large task, you can in many cases also choose a turnkey contract. This means that the selected craftsman will be the rope holder for your construction project. He will therefore be responsible for ensuring that everything runs exactly as it should, as well as being responsible for the coordination and planning between the craftsmen. It helps to save time and energy for you, so you do not have to concentrate and worry about the progress of the construction project.

What is the difference between a carpenter and a joiner?

A carpentry company performs many versatile construction tasks both externally and internally. As a general rule, a carpentry company performs all work with wood and timber. An example of the exterior carpentry work is the establishment and renovation of roof structures – installation of rafters, twigs and construction of under roofs. Interior carpentry work can be floor separations, laying floors and cladding ceilings and walls with boards or plasterboard. A carpenter can also set upstairs, install windows and doors, skylights and frames. 

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A carpenter performs a ‘finer’ processing of the material. In the carpentry education, you can specialize as a carpenter. A tømrer (Carpenter) can, for example, manufacture doors and windows with special dimensions, carpentry kitchens and solve tasks in exotic woods. A cabinetmaker makes special orders for smaller building parts and fixtures such as cabinets, shelving and other custom-made furniture. The boundary between carpentry and carpentry is relatively fluid and many carpentry companies call themselves both carpenters and joiners and deal with both types of tasks

Get professional help

Are you facing a construction project or remodel that requires the help of a carpenter or joiner? Maybe you have then considered whether the work is something you can do yourself. If you yourself have your thumbs screwed right on, it is tempting to save the money on the professional help and even pull on the work clothes instead of hiring a construction company.

Whether it is a good idea to try to do it yourself is very much up to the task. Some smaller tasks can easily be done on your own if you have some experience of building and screwing together. If it is a major project, such as a wooden extension, a conversion or roof work such as a new roof construction, it is often smart to have a master carpenter with you from the start.


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