How Quality Assurance Managers Can Evaluate The Test Management Tools?

Test management tools play an imperative role simplifying the test process. These tools streamline tasks of reporting progress, test prioritization, work scheduling and risk identification.

Tools are selected based on the project requirements. Therefore, we are presenting you some techniques that can be incorporated to assess test management tools.

1. dentification of the Issue

Problem identification plays a significant role in evaluating the test management tools. This is because you must know what problem you would want to resolve. For this step, you must take into consideration the three points mentioned below:

  •         Current tools performance
  •         Tool that resolves the issue
  •         Positive points of the new tool that you would want to incorporate

There are different sorts of tools that could be used in the test management process. Few of them are configuration management tools, defect tracking tools and requirement management tools. Different assessment processes must be used for each and every tool.

Keeping this situation in mind, we are presenting some tips.

  •         Document the complete view of issue and desired result
  •         Write down the probable processes of handing over the tests to the testers
  •         Non-functional requirements (test analysis speed ) cannot be overlooked
  •         All the parties that are interested must be included in the requirements capture phase. The development and the project management teams are always keen to know the outcomes of the test management procedure.
  •         There is a change in requirement after some time. Therefore, after finalizing the preliminary capture, reconsider each requisite to examine its cogency.

2. Check Team’s Willingness to Accept the Change

Check if your team is willing to accept the change before selecting and applying a new tool. You are not advised to apply a new tool if you team members are not willing to accept it. Here are a few ways to check the teams’ willingness to accept the change.

  •         The older teams take time to get convinced to implement a new tool.
  •         The newer team is usually less resistant to implement a change.
  •         Keeping this scenario in mind, if your team is excited about the new tool, it is the best time to implement it.

3. Create A List of Tools That You Would Want To Incorporate

For this stage, it is important to be clear regarding the requirements that the tool must meet. Therefore, after problem identification, you must divide them in four sets. These are: not required, nice to have, important and essential.

After this you must review the complete list of test management tools and then consider the automation and cost that are important to you. As a result, you must review the entire tools list and delete those that are not required.

4. Choosing the Front Runners

It is time to start an in-depth evaluation process, after having a list of preferred tools appropriate for your project. For this, an evaluation matrix is the best thing to do. You will allocate score to each tool based on the necessities and then also allocate quality score. This will enable you to choose the tools with maximum project relevancy.

5. Probationary Phase

You must test the tools selected on a simulated project. Nevertheless, the list of features seems to be a good fit on the paper. It is the best time to implement that tool in the practical world. Having resources and time, you must assess all the tool options available.

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After viewing the discussion above, it can be said that the tips mentioned above must be incorporated in the process of evaluation of the test management tools. This process will assist in providing a clear view of tools that have high project relevancy.

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