Power Rangers’ first NFT lets you redeem for a darker-style Megazord for $200



Hasbro is entering the NFT space by launching its first Power Rangers NFT, which can be used to redeem a special edition of the Dino Megazord.

Revealed Friday during Hasbro’s Pulse Con, the collection of Power Rangers NFTs will be available through Sunday, including digital artwork of a black and gold Dino Megazord and the individual dinosaur-themed Zords that make up the megazord. Customers who purchase one can also redeem it for a physical version of the Megazord called the Lightning Collection Zord Acension Project Special Edition Dino Megazord.

The NFT is available for $200 on the Hasbro Pulse website, and those who get one can redeem for the figure between Nov. 1 and Nov. 8 using the Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) blockchain. To exchange the digital NFT for its real-world counterpart, you’ll need to sign up for a WAX account and WAX Cloud Wallet. Account holders with a redeemable NFT will receive a “Redemption coin” in their wallet.

The NFT reveal comes after Hasbro announced a $120 Lord Zedd role-play helmet that’s also available for preorder Friday for a spring release.

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