Pokemon characters bring cuteness to the sumo wrestling ring

Now this is a new battle arena for Pokemon characters. The popular franchise is teaming with sumo wrestling tournaments in Japan, bringing the giant wrestlers together with the adorable Pikachu and other characters.

The Pokemon Company will sponsor over 200 colorful kensho banners that will be displayed at upcoming sumo tournaments in Japan. Pikachu and other characters will appear on the banners, which represent the amount of prize money staked on the bout by corporate sponsors, the Japan Times reports.


Some of the colorful kensho banners will be seen at upcoming tournaments.


Other Pokemon touches will dot the sumo tournaments as well. According to Kotaku, Pokemon will also sponsor kesho-mawashi, the apron-like items worn by the wrestlers, and at a tournament scheduled for January, the sumo referee will be wearing a Pokemon-themed outfit.

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