How Can Physiotherapy Help in Treating Whiplash?

Defining whiplash.

Whiplash can come to the surface when your head is being jerked back and forth in a whipping motion. Muscles and ligaments may be stretched beyond their natural limits due to this.

Severe whiplash can cause damage to the spinal cord, but this is extremely rare. Whiplash treatment in Calgary can treat your symptoms quickly. 

What can be the cause of whiplash?

The most typical cause is when a car is hit from behind, although it may also happen when the automobile is hit from other angles. It can also occur due to ordinary actions like jerking your neck when you slip or fall.

Symptoms of whiplash.

Neck stiffness and pain that might take many hours to manifest. It may be difficult to move your neck, and you may have discomfort or stiffness in your upper back, shoulders, and arms. Dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, or pain while swallowing may occur for a short time, but if any of these symptoms continue, please see your physiotherapist. Some people even find it difficult to concentrate. Lower back discomfort with symptoms pertaining to the legs might occur on rare occasions.

Common treatments that your physiotherapist might deploy.

Because the neck muscles work as a protective mechanism after a whiplash injury, your expert sports physiotherapist in Sydney must relax these muscles.

A mobilization is a manual approach in which the therapist gently moves the joint and soft tissues to restore normal range of motion, lubricate joint surfaces, and reduce discomfort.

Massage incorporates various procedures and it applies enough pressure to penetrate the surface tissue and reach the deep-lying tissues. It enhances natural tissue healing by increasing blood flow, reducing edema, and reducing muscular spasms. Visit a massage therapy clinic in Calgary to relieve your symptoms. 

Manipulation is a high-speed, short-movement push delivered at the limit of the range available. It’s useful to break down adhesions, clear a blockage in a joint, and restore a complete range of motion without discomfort. During this procedure, you may hear a click or hear a noise.

The interferential treatment introduces a tiny electrical current into the tissues, which can be useful at different frequencies to achieve different therapy results—for example, pain alleviation, muscle or nerve activation, blood flow promotion, and inflammation reduction.

Acupuncture is an eastern treatment for pain reduction and healing that involves inserting needles into the skin to boost or reduce energy flow.

Passive physiotherapy treatment to reduce the pain of whiplash.

There are additional passive physical therapy treatments for whiplash in addition to stretches. Consider getting a deep tissue massage, for example. Your ligaments, tendons, and muscles will recover faster by targeting your muscular tension.

At home, you can also utilize hot and cold therapy. Heat will aid in the delivery of more blood to the target location. It would deliver oxygen and nutrients to your neck due to the improved blood flow, which will aid in its healing. Any wasteful by-products produced by your muscular spasms will be removed by blood circulation.

Cold treatment, on the other hand, reduces blood flow. This can aid in the reduction of neck inflammation, soreness, and muscular spasms. Your physical therapist can alternate these two methods.

Ultrasounds can also aid in improving blood circulation. Inquire with your physical therapist about using ultrasonography to help with muscular spasms. Cramping, swelling, discomfort, and stiffness can all be relieved with them. When sound waves reach your muscular tissues, they might cause a moderate heat to develop. The heat then helps to speed up the healing process by improving blood circulation.


Don’t allow minor discomfort to turn into a huge problem. Allowing your whiplash symptoms to go untreated might lead to long-term problems. Consider physical treatment for whiplash instead. A physiotherapist can assist you in developing a treatment plan that is specific to your needs.


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