Philip Anandraj Hotelier Gives 5 Marketing tips for a hospitality startup in 2022

People occasionally take a break to escape their reality for a bit because of the stress in the world and its relationship with a tiring life. From feeling more delight when they spend time with friends and family, to visiting areas simply to enjoy nature, to experiencing a sense of freshness when they travel, there are many benefits to traveling. The hospitality business has been flourishing, and new opportunities have opened up to help it prosper.

Key areas of the hospitality sector

Food and beverages, travel and tourism, housing, and recreation are the four key areas of the hospitality sector. Regardless of the fierce competition, your brand should be well-known in the industry. Existing consumers will utilize your services again and again as it has been proven that repeat customers account for a significant amount of revenue. Your marketing tactics as per Philip Anandraj hotelier should be split into two categories. A portion of the plan should be focused on preserving positive relationships with existing clients, while the other should be focused on attracting new customers.

There are a variety of marketing methods to use, but these are five that you’ll appreciate.

  1. Recognize and comprehend your target audience

Knowing one’s target market is one of the most crucial aspects of any organization since it is one of the pillars that support marketing. You’ll need to find out the answers to several questions, such as who my target audience is. Why did they choose my services among the many others available? And so forth. It’s possible that you’ll discover that you’re speaking to a variety of people. These audiences will be approached and catered to in different ways. You must divide them into numerous classifications and employ diverse techniques for each. You can be certain that you’re conveying the proper message to the right prospects with this.

Set aside time to establish your target audiences so that you can provide high-value services.

  1. Make Use of Technology

Technology has long since supplanted humans. COVID-19, one of the year’s key highlights, has made technology a force to be reckoned with in 2020. You can’t talk about marketing these days without mentioning technology.

When it comes to technology, you must ensure that you are easily searchable online and that you are everywhere relevant online. Knowing who your clients are will assist you in determining the best spot to be online.

  1. Promote Your Business Location

This is more applicable to the lodging, travel, and tourist sectors of the industry. You don’t simply market your company; you also market its location. People are likely to be undecided about visiting the city where your hotel is located, which is why you should not solely sell your hotel’s amenities.

Tell them what makes the city or town a desirable destination. Make the most of the local attractions in your area. Inform people about their carnival and culture. In a nutshell, advertise what your location is known for.

  1. Your Customer Service Must Be Top-Notch 

Gone are the days when customers were satisfied with a simple ‘please’ and ‘thank-you,’ or a lovely smile. They are vital, especially in the hospitality business, yet they are insufficient because guests want a relaxed, fun-filled, and comfortable stay.

Customer service and marketing are now inextricably linked. If your customers are happy with your services, especially if they go above and beyond their expectations, they will return the favor by referring others and leaving fantastic reviews on your website, which will persuade your online visitor to do business with you.

  1. When the booking season is at its peak, put more money into marketing

Make sure you’re aware of when the sector is booming. Know when people schedule their vacations and when they go on vacation. It all comes down to knowing and comprehending your clients.

During the busier seasons, it’s only prudent to spend a larger portion of your annual budget. You must prepare for this season in advance. This season, run a lot of commercials and market more to ensure that you have enough customers throughout this time.

Final Thoughts 

With the competition increasing constantly, flourishing in the hotel business as a startup might be difficult. However, knowing and understanding your target with Philip Anandaraj hotelier enables you to leverage technology to meet your consumers’ wants. Moreover, knowing the season to pour more dollars into marketing, and collaborating with the correct set of people, among other things, will help you gain more ground.


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