People are reporting that MacOS Monterey is bricking their laptops (Update: fixed)

MacBook Pro 2021

Dan Ackerman/CNET

Installing a new operating system is an emotionally complicated process. On the other side of the update, the new OS promises new toys to play with and enhancements to older features. But there’s always the fear that something goes wrong. Maybe something’s a little buggy in the new operating system, maybe your system rejects the upgrade or maybe your whole laptop gets bricked.

That particular nightmare became a reality for some users who said that the new MacOS Monterey upgrade completely shut down their Macs. Several people reported online that their computers refused to boot up after they installed Monterey, with others reporting that the ports no longer worked, or that their MacBook got stuck in a loop of trying (but failing) to update.

Apple did not immediately respond to a request for comment. However, tech reporter Rene Ritchie tweeted a statement from Apple a few days later, saying that the issue was related to the T2 security chip and had been fixed in a recent update. So if you’ve been putting off the upgrade, it should be safe to download Monterey now.

Users faced similar issues with last year’s launch of MacOS Big Sur, so the Monterey problems weren’t exactly a surprise. That’s why we always recommend backing up your computer before you install any major update, especially new operating systems. 

If you’re ready to upgrade, make sure to check whether your computer is compatible with Monterey. And look through our favorite features in MacOS Monterey.

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