Peloton brings stretching, meditation to Delta in-flight entertainment


Peloton and Delta hope to take some of the stress out of flying.

Delta Air Lines

Delta and Peloton are teaming up to take Peloton classes to the skies. Long flights can be cramped, stressful affairs, and the new partnership should offer Delta customers some relief. Don’t worry, though — the person sitting next to you won’t start cycling midway over the Atlantic. 

Peloton says the new classes will be available on “all Delta Air Lines flights equipped with seatback entertainment globally.” Led by Peloton instructors Anna Greenberg, Chelsea Jackson Roberts, Ross Rayburn, Matty Maggiacomo and Adrian Williams, classes focus on stretching and mid-flight meditation. They’re designed to help you stay limber, relax and maybe even fall asleep during your flight. 

We’re not sure how stretching will work in the close quarters of coach class, but anything that helps take the stress and muscle cramps out of flying is a welcome change. 

Peloton didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

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