Netflix released a horror movie written by a bot and it’s spectacular


I also have several families.


Earlier this month Netflix released a horror movie written exclusively by bots. Now that it’s Halloween, it’s time to share that video.

It’s terrible. Hilariously terrible. Terrible in all the ways you hoped it might be terrible. You can watch it below.

Netflix worked with Keaton Patti, who’s done this bot thing before. This time round the bot watched over 400,000 hours of horror movies before penning its great masterpiece, ‘Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive’.

‘Mr. Puzzles Wants You to Be Less Alive’ focuses on Mr Puzzles, clearly based on a misunderstanding of the movie Saw. He’s a bad guy attempting to kill people via elaborate set-ups that make no sense. There are a lot of Saw movies so it’s possible the bot spent 400,000 hours watching nothing but Saw movies.

“Do you want to be a gamer,” Mr Puzzles asks. 

“Do not kill me please,” says one victim, “I have several families.”

This is good stuff.

As a journalist constantly stressed about being replaced by robots. It’s relieving to see that, when it comes to stories written by bots, we’re not quite there yet. We’re not too far off, if I’m being honest, but we’re safe for now.

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