Mobile Device Management: Top Reasons Why Enterprises Need It


Digitalization, today has become a way of life. Technology lies at the center of all processes. Yet somehow every business finds itself struggling to help their employees achieve optimum operational efficiency. Ever wondered what could be lacking? The simple answer is, ‘Automation’. According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, in about 60 percent of occupations. At least one-third of the constituent activities have a scope to be automated. This highlights the crucial role of automation. How it has the potential to save time and drive greater productivity in employees, leading to operational excellence.

Every industrial sector is heavily dependent on technology and with the massive surge in enterprise mobility. This dependency has increased by manifolds. All businesses today either have an in-house IT team with IT administrators responsible for management and security of diverse technological aspects. Or businesses simply outsource their IT management needs. Either way, IT teams play a vital role in today’s business management.

Enterprise Mobility: The Current Landscape

The evolution of the corporate world has been a fast-paced and ever-changing event. The business world adapts to the constantly changing environment and discovers ways to optimize it. One of the latest and the most sought-after trend is that of Enterprise Mobility. Almost every industry is seeking ways to simplify its Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). Given that remote working brings about ample advantages to the businesses.

Mobile Device Management is a critical component of EMM. Mobile devices enable businesses a certain degree of flexibility and help improve their employee productivity. However, inefficient management of these mobile devices can make your business vulnerable to security threats and decreased productivity. Mobile Device Management solutions help businesses streamline their remote operations amidst the ever-changing corporate trends. Whether it is BYOD management, remote management or Enterprise Mobility Management as a whole, modern-day MDM solutions offer extensive features for diverse business needs.

Reasons Why Every Business Needs Efficient Mobile Device Management

All businesses today are aware of what an MDM solution is. However some businesses, especially the small and medium enterprises are skeptical about investing in MDM solutions. So let’s look at some convincing reasons why every business needs an MDM solution.

  • Simplified remote management

    With enterprise mobility gaining pace. Every business currently needs an efficient method to manage its remote operations. Workplace flexibility has several operational benefits. But it is equally difficult to streamline processes and secure corporate assets and information in a remote environment. MDM solutions help IT admins of organizations achieve simplified device lifecycle management, remotely. Right from the device onboarding, to provisioning, monitoring, management and troubleshooting. All device-level aspects can be controlled from the MDM console.

  • Reinforced corporate data security

    All businesses value their corporate data the most. Needless to say, corporate data protection. Security of company-owned or employees’ personal devices, network security, etc. are always a business’s top priority. Enterprise mobility allows employees to use their corporate data beyond office premises. From a security perspective, this adds several more challenges and threats to a company’s corporate data. When digital devices holding confidential corporate information leave secure office premises. They are vulnerable to several lurking threats such as malware. Data loss, device theft/loss and much more. 

Businesses have to pay hefty fines and face extreme loss of brand reputation in case of data breaches. MDM solutions help IT admins configure multiple layers of security. Passcode policies, remote access configurations, device lock, location tracking, etc. To keep the corporate inventory secure. Conditional email access, data encryption, VPN configuration and much more to prevent data loss. MDM solutions go a long way in reducing IT time spent on securing multiple dispersed devices.

  • Task automation

    MDM solutions help businesses automate their redundant IT tasks which otherwise consume several working hours. You can automate routine tasks such as periodic OS and system updates on your employees’ devices. Schedule app version updates, set compliance checks and much more, without manually having to configure and deploy settings on multiple devices. Modern-day MDM solutions also provide extensive device reports and deep analytical insights on the devices’ usage and performance for deeper inventory monitoring.

  • Centralized management of a multi-OS environment

    Gone are the days when enterprises stuck to a single-OS environment. Today, businesses prefer deploying devices of varied OS based on the work requirement. Employees using their personal devices for work (BYOD) also use devices of diverse OS types. Hence enterprises need to consider implementing tools that help them construct a multi-OS environment. MDM solutions offer IT admins of organizations a unified platform to provision, monitor and manage diverse OS types including Android, iOS, macOS and Windows10.

  • Reduced operational costs

    Lastly, MDM solutions help businesses save a lot of costs. You need not invest in multiple tools considering a single MDM software offers extensive features for versatile aspects including device management, data security, remote troubleshooting, task automation, inventory monitoring, device analytics and much more. Additionally, MDM solutions offer secure BYOD management capabilities which help businesses save costs on purchasing individual devices for all of the employees. You can leverage remote troubleshooting straight from the MDM console which saves time and costs spent on physical on-site visits. Moreover, modern-day MDM solutions offer state-of-the-art features such as Kiosk Mode, which helps you convert your regular smart devices to purpose-specific Kiosks such as POS, interactive digital kiosks and much more. This diminishes the need for businesses to invest in specialized dedicated devices.

Closing Lines

If you are on the fence about whether or not to implement an MDM solution, it is time to make up your mind. All industrial sectors such as Retail, Hospitality, Healthcare, Education, or on-field sectors such as Logistics, Warehousing, Construction are rapidly implementing MDM solutions to streamline their device management. Scalefusion is one such popular MDM solution that offers comprehensive features to streamline IT controls across diverse device types.


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