Metal Prints: Your Guide To Photo Printing On Aluminium

Photo on aluminum: what is that?

If you are looking for a unique and striking enrichment for your home, you can choose a photo on canvas, a photo sticker, wallpaper or a photo on plexiglass. However, if you are looking for a printed photo that you can hang both indoors and outdoors, it is better to opt for an aluminium print. An aluminium photo print is a high quality photo that is printed on aluminum with the best photo printers and can be hung both indoors and outdoors. You can read more about the photos on aluminum from Printerpix on

The advantages of photo on aluminum

If you have a photo printed on aluminum by the professionals at Printerpix, you benefit from several advantages:
1. A photo on aluminum can be hung both indoors and outdoors. Have you had the aluminium print in your house for a while and would you like to enrich your garden with a unique image on aluminum? Then you simply move your photo on aluminum outside.

  1. The photos on aluminum are printed by the best UV printer. This allows the photos to be print in an environmentally friendly and ecological way, the photos on the aluminum are of the best quality and the photos are resistant to all external influences.
  2. You can choose which size your photo on aluminum should be. If you want to have a very small photo printed on aluminum, this is of course possible, but if you are looking for a photo on aluminum of two by three meters, Printerpix is also the right place.
  3. You receive a free hanging system with your photo on aluminum in the form of a mounting plate for the back of the aluminum.
  4. Two spacers are always supplier with the aluminium photo prints. With these spacers you ensure that your photo does not hang against the wall, but always remains a bit away from the wall. And because the spacers also ensure that the photo hangs straight, you will never suffer from skewed photos.
  5. At Printerpix you can choose from hundreds of different prints for your photo on aluminum. This way everyone can find a perfect photo to have printed on aluminum.
  6. You can hang the photos on aluminum quickly and easily. This also makes moving the photo very easy.

Are you convince of the advantages of a photo on high-quality aluminum? Then choose a type of aluminum and have your favorite photo printed directly on this aluminum.

The various types of aluminum

When ordering a photo on aluminum you can choose from two types of aluminum to have your photo printed on. You can choose a photo on brushed aluminum or a photo on standard aluminum. Depending on the type of aluminum that appeals to you most, you choose a type of aluminum paint. Have your favorite photo printed directly on it by the high-quality printer of Printerpix.


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