Meaningful Paintings for your Home Decor

The paintings in your home give a good impression of who you are and what you like to be associated with. People have paintings in their homes that differ from person to person, and the artworks reflect every person’s taste in the house. 

If you don’t have a different room in your house that you use as a small art gallery to exhibit all your artworks, the paintings in your house form an integral part of the décor. How a person integrates the artworks with the rest of the home’s décor depends on the homeowner’s taste and preferences. 

However, whatever your reasons for having memorable paintings for life in your home, they have to be meaningful paintings. Ideally, you should be able to explain why every artwork is in your home. It may be because you want a reproduction of a well-known painting that you love or just because you like the colors of the painting. 

The Artwork Should Display Something of You 

When you want to find memorable paintings for life to enhance your home’s décor, selecting artworks related to your hobbies or interests is an excellent idea. Not only will you enjoy looking at the works, but the paintings will tell visitors to your home something about you.

To a great extent, the paintings in your home paint your life. For instance, for a person interested in history and specifically old royal families, there would most probably be a work depicting such a royal family in your home. If you don’t have one, a good choice could be a professionally done reproduction of “The Royal Family” by Henry Andrews.   

If your hobby is building old ship replicas or you love old ships, a reproduction of a painting of an old boat, like “Ship at Sea, Sunset” by Edward Moran, or Argenteuil (Red Boats) By Claude Monet will be a good choice. Or Perhaps you like abstract objects with bright colors. Then acquire a reproduction of an “abstract” painting with bright colors like the cubist artist Lyubov Popova’s “Cubist Cityscape, 1914”, Again, your artworks paint your life – for yourself and others. 

You must have art in your home that you’re drawn to, and that makes you feel good. The more artwork is “talking” to you, the more you will enjoy it. 

Reproductions or Originals? 

You don’t need a big budget to acquire art for your home. Instead, you can buy either reproductions or original works at affordable prices. An excellent place to start is with exhibitions by new painters and art graduates for original paintings.   

Remember, you buy art that you like, whether it has been painted by a master painter or a new graduate. At a small exhibition, you usually also have the opportunity to meet the artist and discuss the meaning of the painting. This usually is not possible with a more established artist.   

If you want a well-known painting in your home, you’ll have to settle for a reproduction. Fortunately, there are excellent legal reproductions available. The easiest way to purchase a reproduction is via a reputable online gallery like 1st Art Gallery.   

Most of these galleries will create a specific painting for you if they don’t have it in stock at that stage. Oil reproductions of old masterpieces painted in oil are very popular. 

Extraordinary Paintings just for You  

Another possibility to acquire meaningful paintings for your home is to follow the “paint my photograph” route. Many art studios available online specialize in painting subjects from digital photos that you send them. In addition, most of the online galleries, like 1st Art Gallery, also offer this service.  

You can decide what you want to be painted. It can be a portrait of you and your loved ones, pets, or a beautiful landscape photo while on holiday. These paintings are paintings for life. If there is a portrait artist in your area, it is also good to ask the artist to paint something special just for you. 

Where do you Exhibit your Paintings in your Home? 

Now that you know how to choose your paintings, you can start to collect them and then exhibit them in your home. There are different ways of exhibiting the artworks in your home to enhance your décor. Décor experts advise that serene water and mountain paintings are usually suitable for your living room. The water and mountains symbolize the calm and peaceful energy flowing in the house.   

There are strange corners and odd walls or spaces where a painting can be hung successfully in most homes. Paintings can give the “ugly” spaces a new sense of purpose and life. You can also experiment with a gallery wall. You can browse the internet to look at different examples of gallery walls and then decide which type would best suit your wall.  

How do you Hang Your Paintings? 

Décor experts agree that variety is the spice of life! Mixing and matching frames can provide a fascinating wall. Unfortunately, different frames also give the impression that the works have been “collected over time”. That might be true, but there is nothing wrong with artificially creating that impression!  

You should ensure that the size of your artwork is in relation to the available space on the wall. A single small piece of art on a large wall can look out of place and awkward. Instead, try to combine two or more small paintings to fill the space.  

It is also safe to follow the gallery model and hang art at eye level. To make it easy, take your wall as if it’s divided into four horizontal sections- starting from your floor to the ceiling. After that, you can easily put your artwork in the third section from the floor. If you’re hanging a painting above a sofa or chair, the rule of thumb is to turn it one hand’s width above the sofa or chair. 


Many people use paintings successfully as part of the décor in their homes. However, the golden rule should always be to have expressive paintings in your home – not only a picture to fill a space.   


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