Main advantages of Online Marketing

The Internet is one of the most profitable channels for companies. The possibility of capturing business through the Internet is a reality.

There are many Online Internet Marketing perks over conventional marketing, which makes it increasingly important in the budgetary investment that companies dedicate to attracting new customers and increasing sales.

Below, we list the 5 main advantages of Online Marketing:


Recent studies confirm that in 2018 more than 50% of the world population live connected to the Internet. Exactly 4.021 million users in January this year. Near the end of 2018, the figure continues to rise. This is a compelling reason why companies should invest in online marketing.


Everything we do through the Internet leaves a mark. Users offer a lot of information about our lives, tastes, and interests. Although as users it may be a bit scary, information is power. And when it comes to segmenting an advertising campaign, the Internet advertiser has an advantage.

Some online advertising platforms, such as Facebook Ads, cross numerous segmentation options that guarantee success when it comes to impacting our target audience.

Sex, age, type of love relationship, hobbies, whether or not they are regular online shoppers or even information about spiritual beliefs… The segmentation options and the combination between them make the possibilities practically endless.


A marketing strategy is based on the combination of different platforms and tools aimed at an objective, for example, increasing sales or attracting new customers. Only in the online medium, do we have a multitude of platforms that allow us to target specific market niches.

Visibility in search engines is one of the main options when planning an online marketing strategy focused on immediate profitability. This is so because the percentage of closing the sale is higher if the client is proactively looking for your service or product on the Internet.

However, online marketing offers other platforms that also serve to generate demand. We have a clear example of advertising campaigns in Social Media Ads. Platforms such as LinkedIn Ads or Facebook Ads again, are usually a profitable option to get customers who are not actively looking for the service or product at that time.

  1. COST:

If we compare it with conventional advertising, online advertising is much cheaper than other conventional media. However, the most interesting aspect related to cost is the possibility of estimating results before defining the budget to invest in.

For example, for search campaigns in Google Ads, with the combination of several tools, you can do a preliminary feasibility study that indicates the minimum investment for the campaign to be profitable.


The possibility of accurately knowing the results, and analysing them in real-time, is undoubtedly another advantage that sets online marketing apart from conventional marketing.

The analysis capacity encompasses much more than knowing the audience data of a web page. It is possible to know the behaviour of our clients and establish specific strategies to optimize each online marketing campaign to the maximum. Regardless of the platform, optimizing campaigns based on specific data is key when it comes to ROI.

The great coverage offered by the Internet, the audience; the different tools and platforms that exist in the online advertising market; the low cost of advertising; the high segmentation capacity allowing to impact the target audience; all the possibilities of analysing and obtaining data that favour the optimization of campaigns and improvement of results immediately…

Although we have highlighted five, the truth is that there are plenty of reasons why investing in Online Marketing can be very advantageous for companies.

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