Logitech’s C920x webcam is $60 on Amazon right now



Remember the early days of COVID work-from-home lockdowns, when webcams were as rare as toilet paper? The good news is that the shortage for both has eased. And that’s why we wanted to make sure you knew that the Logitech C920x is currently on sale for $60 at Amazon. That ties the lowest price to date, and it’s far less than the $180 to $200 that some of the 4K models on our best webcam list will run you. 

Not only does the C920x provide 1080p video calling and recording at 30 frames per second, but it also includes autofocus, which fine-tunes your visuals to deliver the best results in every lighting scenario. This webcam also features dual microphones for clear sound and is compatible with Logitech tripods to ensure that you appear good from all angles. We haven’t tested this specific model, but Logitech is a go-to accessory brand for us, so this feels like a good option.

One important note: So far as we can tell, this unit has a USB-A connector, so — if you have a recent Mac or similar USB-C-only computer — you might want to invest in a dongle or two to bridge the gap.

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