Leaked trailer for Uncharted movie shows cargo plane stunt from the games

Young Nathan Drake will still pull off big stunts

Young Nathan Drake will still pull off big stunts.

Tom Holland Instagram

The Uncharted movie’s first trailer was expected to be revealed on Thursday, according to Comicbook.com, but someone seemingly spoiled the surprise. Camera footage of what appears to be the trailer was posted on YouTube and Twitter for anyone to watch. 

In the 40-second clip, Nathan Drake (Tom Holland) wakes up to find himself hanging from a cargo net of a box dangling out of a cargo plane. If this sounds familiar, the stunt was in Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. Nathan makes his way up to the plane and then a quick fade to black that shows the film’s title. There are a couple of other shots in the leaked trailer, including a scene with Sully (Mark Wahlberg), Nathan’s partner. 

The trailer ends with Nathan falling from the sky after being hit by a car in the cargo plane. Then comes a release date of Feb. 18, 2022. 

In case you don’t want to spoil the official trailer reveal (Can you spoil a trailer?), here’s a clip from the game that inspired the scene. 

Uncharted will act as a prequel to the games and act as an origin story for Nathan and Sully. It is clear, however, there will be scenes directly inspired by the PlayStation game franchise. 

Sony Pictures Entertainment didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

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