What do we understand by the intensity of the diamond?



Kundan Lal & Sons are one name that is very popular in the industry of Polki and Diamond jewellery manufacturing. They manufacture both coloured and colourless diamonds. Now, the question arises of what exactly impacts the colour of these coloured diamonds. The colour in fancy coloured diamonds comes from three factors mainly which are:- the main colour of the diamond, the secondary colour of the diamond and the intensity of the colour. Amongst these three parameters, the main colour and in case there is secondary as well together define the tone and the shade of the colour.

However, when it comes to the strength of the colour, it is defined by the intensity level. The intensity level varies anywhere from a very soft baby shade to a very strong shade. Here, the strongness of the shade is directly proportional to the value of the diamond.

A globally followed intensity scale developed by GIA is used to categorize the intensity levels of the diamond. There are nine grades present as per the scale. They are mentioned as below:-

  • Faint
  • Very light
  • Light
  • Fancy Light
  • Fancy
  • Fancy intense
  • Fancy vivid and fancy dark.

Though these are followed globally for all the diamonds. But, at the same time, it is important to understand that not every diamond colour comes listed in the above-mentioned intensity levels. For example, if we talk about orange diamonds, they cannot be found in any of the above-mentioned intensity grades. Apart from these, the parameters set by GIA also identify how well the colour and intensity is distributed throughout the stone. a diamond certificate is there to identify specifically if the distribution of the colour is even or uneven in diamond jewellery.

As mentioned above, the intensity of the colour is directly proportional to the value of the diamond. For example, a pink diamond and a blue diamond are the rarest diamond jewellery to find in the family of coloured diamonds. However, depending upon in which intensity, as mentioned above we are trying to classify that diamond, a light blue will differ from a faint blue in many ways. Due to such a wide difference between the range of coloured diamonds, at times stones of the same intensity can also look very different from each other.

For example, a light coloured diamond that lies in the grade of 1-3 is extremely weak. Whereas, the same light coloured diamond in the grade of 8-10 is very strong. So, it’s very common to see two diamonds of identical intensity, in which colour of one looks more intense than the other.

It’s almost impossible to identify what the intensity of the diamond would be, just by looking at the rough surface of the stone. However, in this case, the colour intensity is directly proportional to the intensity of the polished diamond. Moreover, the cut and the shape of the diamond also play a significant role in determining the intensity of the colour. The important part here is that there is a huge difference in the way in which a coloured diamond and a colourless diamond is cut. Also, the origin of the diamond affects the intensity of the diamond. For example, different diamond mines in the world produce different kinds of and different coloured diamonds.


Diamonds occur in various colours and cuts all over the world. And diamond jewellery made out of them were in high demand, are and will always be in high demand. About the leading manufacturer of diamond jewellery in India, Kundan Lal & Sons are one of the most renowned manufacturers of Polki Jewellery and Diamond Jewellery. Kundan Lal & Sons are known for manufacturing unique designs of both Polki and Diamond jewelleries.




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