Kobe Bryant Apparel: What to Buy to Honor #24

Can you believe it’s already been more than two years since NBA legend Kobe Bryant died? He was tragically killed in a helicopter crash along with his daughter Gianna and seven other people.

But while Kobe himself might not be around anymore, his legacy lives on. Those both inside and outside of the sports world continue to celebrate all of the incredible things he was able to accomplish throughout the course of his life.

Would you like to honor the former Los Angeles Lakers star? You can do it by investing in Kobe Bryant apparel. You might want to go as far as to put together a whole Kobe Bryant collection featuring a wide range of Kobe Bryant merchandise from over the years.

Here is some of the Kobe Bryant apparel you should buy to get your collection off to a strong start.


One of the very best ways to honor Kobe Bryant is by picking up at least one of his No. 24 jerseys. There are so many different Kobe Lakers jerseys available out there at this time.

You might also want to kick around the idea of purchasing jerseys from other points in Kobe’s basketball career. For example, you might be able to find replicas of his old high school jersey, his Olympics jerseys, etc.

Whatever the case, you really can’t go wrong with buying and wearing a Kobe Bryant jersey. It’ll prove to be some of the best Kobe Bryant apparel that money can buy.


At one point shortly after Kobe Bryant’s death, it didn’t look like Nike was going to continue to sell his signature sneakers. But earlier this year, Kobe’s wife Vanessa announced that she had helped orchestrate a new deal with Nike that would allow them to keep on doing it.

This is great because it’ll help to introduce a new generation of basketball players to Kobe’s signature shoes. But if you would like, you can also still go back and buy Kobe Bryant shoes from the past.

Nike and Kobe Bryant teamed up to release a whole host of signature sneakers over time. Don’t be shy about picking up a few pairs for your Kobe Bryant collection.


You are going to have a tough time getting your hands on at least some of the Kobe Bryant apparel listed here. Due to Kobe’s death, a lot of these things have turned into collector’s items, which has made them almost impossible to find.

But this shouldn’t be the case with T-shirts. You should be able to track down your fair share of Kobe Bryant shirts when you’re in the market for Kobe Bryant merchandise.

There are, of course, lots of T-shirts for sale through companies like Nike. But that’s just one of the places that you can look for Kobe shirts these days. You shouldn’t have too much trouble at all locating Kobe shirts in many different places.


Kobe Bryant hoodies might not be quite as readily available as Kobe Bryant T-shirts right now. But you should still be able to find plenty of hoodies with Kobe on them as long as you’re willing to look around for them.

There are some Kobe Bryant hoodies produced by Nike. Vanessa Bryant also launched a Mambacita clothing line that features hoodies with both Kobe and daughter Gianna on them. You’ll be supporting a good cause when you purchase them.

Outside of the fact that Kobe Bryant hoodies might be slightly harder to find than Kobe Bryant T-shirts, they’re also going to cost you more money. But if you consider yourself to be a true Kobe fan, you should have at least one of his hoodies in your closet.


When Kobe Bryant retired from the NBA back in 2016, there was a $38,000 Kobe hat that was put up for sale. We’re guessing that the hat was probably a little bit out of most people’s price range.

But it’s obviously not the only Kobe Bryant hat that you can buy. If you go and Google “Kobe hat,” you’ll find tons of other Kobe hats that you can purchase.

From Kobe hats that are sold through the NBA to Kobe hats that have been custom created by NBA fans, there isn’t any shortage of options. You should be able to pick up a couple of Kobe hats that you’ll love.


Do you want to be able to create an outfit that is “Kobe’d out” from head to toe? Well, you’re in luck, because there are Kobe Bryant socks that you can buy to put on your feet with your favorite Kobe Bryant apparel.

Some of these Kobe socks will have little more than Kobe’s logo on them. Others will have Kobe’s face and whole body on them.

You can pick and choose which Kobe socks would look right with your outfits. You can also mix and match Kobe socks so that you always have a spare pair around just waiting to be worn.

Pick Up as Much of This Kobe Bryant Apparel as You Can

It doesn’t matter if you were the biggest Kobe Bryant fan in the world or just someone who came to respect him a lot more in the aftermath of his death. Either way, you should think about getting your hands on some Kobe Bryant apparel.

From Kobe Bryant jerseys and Kobe Bryant shoes to Kobe Bryant hats and other Kobe Bryant gifts, there are so many options to pick from. It’ll put you in a perfect position to pick up whichever Kobe Bryant gear you might want.

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