Know more about Switzerland Relocation Options for Australians

Expats relocating to Switzerland will discover that this country is a prosperous union of orderly cities, and the mountainous cantons are an ideal relocation destination. Foreign workers get included in the economy, particularly in the financial and diplomatic sectors, where international expat workers are in high demand. Expats account for more than 20% of Switzerland’s total population, with the majority working as skilled professionals.

The cost of living is exceptionally high, particularly in the vital expat destinations of Geneva and Zurich. However, above-average salaries offset this concern. Crime is uncommon, and social problems are almost non-existent. In addition, the country’s education and healthcare systems are world-class, and its infrastructure is meticulously maintained.

Switzerland is unquestionably the most central country in Europe. It is a popular and exciting destination for Australians looking to further their professional training, skill base, and career opportunities in Switzerland.

The Swiss Federal Council has allowed Australian nationals to enter its territory without a visa for various reasons, including work and long-term stays.

Australian citizens can enter Switzerland without a visa beginning January 1, 2022. Despite the exemption from the visa requirement, the conditions of entry outlined in Swiss legislation and the Schengen regulations will remain in effect for Australians, as they do for all other third-country visitors. It means that Australians will have to demonstrate that they have the necessary financial resources to support their stay in Switzerland.

In exchange for allowing its citizens to enter Switzerland visa-free for all purposes, Australia will add Switzerland to the list of countries whose people are eligible for the Australian Work and Holiday programme beginning on the same date, January 1, 2022.

The latter allows young people aged 18 to 30 to work in the country while on vacation for a year. Ecuador, Argentina, Austria, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Ecuador, Greece, and many more countries are already beneficiaries.

Switzerland’s decision on Australian visitors follows many rules made by the Federal Council regarding entry and employment.


Switzerland Relocation Options for Australians

Even though Switzerland isn’t a part of the European Union, it is part of the Schengen area, which provides Australian citizens with several options for immigrating here. As a result, if you are moving to Switzerland from Australia, you can apply for any of the following visas: L residence permits- for not more than 12 months. B residence permits- for a limited period, but their validity can last up to 5 years; C residence permits (equivalent to permanent residence permits)- granted after five years of residence in Switzerland; Schengen visas, the D or National Visa being the most appropriate for those wishing to immigrate to Switzerland from Australia for more than three months.

Currently, Australian nationals can enter Switzerland visa-free for short periods of 90 days in any 180 days for non-work-related purposes. Those wishing to work in Switzerland and stay longer in the country must first apply for a visa at the Switzerland visa authorities in Australia. After living for 90 days in Switzerland, health insurance is compulsory. You would be required to understand how to choose the best health insurance with a low premium. Various health insurance companies provide access to health insurance comparison tools to help you land your ideal package.  

At the same time, Australians planning to stay in Switzerland for more than three months and those planning to work must first obtain a residence permit from the competent authority in their respected place of residence or work before entering the country.

Documents required for immigration to Switzerland

When relocating to Switzerland, specific documents are needed regardless of the applicant’s nationality. The same is for Australian citizens who must prepare an immigration dossier based on the purpose of their relocation.

There are numerous reasons to relocate to Switzerland from Australia. However, most Australians do so for business, employment, or education. That means that case-specific relocation documents are required. For example, documents for business purposes would be most likely to form a company, and in this case, specific details regarding employment opportunities would be required.

Another example could be young foreign nationals who want to study at prestigious Swiss universities. If you are one of them and are thinking about moving to Switzerland from Australia for this purpose, you can do so easily. To support your visa application, you must obtain a letter of acceptance from the university you wish to attend.


This article was a short guide on how one can move to Switzerland from Australia for various purposes like getting a degree, a job, or starting a new venture. You must prepare for the mandatory requirements for movement from Australia to Switzerland based on your need. Post successful stay authorization by Swiss authorities; you must enjoy the blissful stay.


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