Karnataka launches vaccination drive for students pursuing higher studies

Vaccination of students pursuing higher studies started in the state from Monday, Karnataka Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said. “There are 24,37,732 students pursuing higher studies in the state. We are starting their vaccination from today.We want to vaccinate students to resume higher education classes,” Sudhakar told reporters here.

He added that parents of children below 10 years will also be vaccinated on a priority basis.

The vaccine supply has been increased to make it possible.

He was replying to a query on the consequences of reopening schools and colleges.

“We have to unlock them step-by-step.I won’t say education is not important but what is more important is their (students’) lives.We need to be extra cautious,” the minister said.

According to him, the centre has cautioned the state governments not to unlock abruptly.

Instead do it stage by stage because many may be the carriers of COVID, he explained.

“The Technical Advisory Committee has sought to know whether the second wave is over. This question arises because the infections decreased due to lockdown. To assess the situation, we will require at least a week,” Sudhakar said.

Pointing out that it is only a week since the lockdown was eased in the state, he said he would wait for another week to see the effect of unlocking.

The minister said Maharashtra has an infection rate of 11 per cent regarding which there is confusion whether it is the third wave or is it still the second wave.

Speaking about the vaccination drive, he said on an average four to five lakh people are getting vaccinated daily.

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