Judge Lynn Toler Net Worth: Who Is Lynn Toler And Why Is She So Famous?

Judge Lynn Toler is a recognized American lawyer and Judge who has gathered an immense amount of admiration and commendation for her remarkable lawful career and her television shows. 

She is very well known for her role as the judge on the famous television court sequel ‘Divorce Court’, where she performed for over a decade from 2006.

Judge Lynn Toler has a net worth of approximately $20 Million by 2023.

Early Life and Education Of Lynn Toler 

Judge Lynn Toler Net worth is estimated to be about $20 Million in 2023.

Lynn Toler was born on 25 October  1959, in Columbus, Ohio, US.  Her father, Bill Toler, was a lawyer, and her mother, Shirley Toler, was a housewife. 

Lynn Toler completed her graduation from Harvard University in English literature and later attended the University of Pennsylvania Law School. She graduated with a Juris Doctor degree and proceeded to practice law for many years before becoming a Judge in a television show.

Lynn Toler grew up in a working middle-class household. Her parents gave her strong values of hard work, truthfulness, and persistence which have enabled her to make a prosperous career and get a net worth of about $20 Million in 2023.

Lynn Talor Married Life And Family 

Lynn Toler got married to Eric Mumford on 6 April 1989. Eric Mumford was an author and a professor of architecture. 

She has two sons, Xavier and Williams, and four stepsons. 

Judge Lynn Toler family

Judge Lynn Talor always says that her husband Eric is her commentator and source of motivation. 

Eric Mumford died on 23 December 2022.

And with her husband’s support and motivation, Judge Lynn Taylor has a net worth of about $20 Million. 

Lynn Toler Career

Lynn Toler’s Net Worth is about $20 Million in 2023 which she earned from her successful law career. 

Lynn Toler started her legal career as a sole practitioner working in civil cases. Afterward, she joined a law firm to deal with criminal cases. 

Lynn Toler also worked out as a municipal judge in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, in 1993. Her experience as a judge caught the attention of Television show producers.

In 2006, Lynn Toler came to be the judge on the well-known television sequel ‘Divorce Court’ after replacing Judge Mablean Ephriam. She was the first female African-American judge on the TV show. 

Her righteousness and smart satire made her very famous among the audience, and she served in the role of Judge for over a decade till 2020.

Apart from her TV show, Lynn Toler has also written several books, including 

  • My Mother’s Rules: A Practical Guide to Becoming an Emotional Genius,
  • Put It In Writing: Creating Agreements Between Family and Friends, 
  • Making Marriage Work: New Rules for an Old Institution, 
  • Dear Sonali, Letters to the daughter I never had. 

Due to Lynn Toler’s successful career in law and as a judge in a TV show, she has a net worth of about $20 Million by 2023.

Judge Lynn Toler’s Net Worth and Income Sources

Judge Lynn Toler has accumulated substantial capital from her lawful career and television shows, making her net worth an estimated $20 million by 2023. 

Lynn’s prefatory source of earnings is her television show role as a judge over the years from 2006 to 2020.

Judge Lynn Toler is also involved in humanitarianism and she often contributes to charitable societies and causes.

In 2017, She founded the Lynn Toler Scholarship Fund, which is endorsed by contributions from her speaking engagements and TV appearances.

Judge Lynn Toler’s Net Worth is estimated to be about $20 Million. 


Judge Lynn Toler has an extraordinary legal career and successful television shows which have helped her to earn immense glory and admiration. 

With Judge Lynn Taylor’s net worth expected to expand in the coming years from $20 Million in 2023, there is no doubt that she will continue to be a provocation for eras to come.

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