Jewelry With A Message

You see them more and more in the shops. With texts like “smile” or “family”. Nice for yourself or fun as a gift. But how special is it to give a piece of jewelry a message with the words you really want to say to them? A piece of jewelry with a message is unique always remembers the special events or what you want to give for the giver. A piece of jewelry stays forever and can still remind you of a special moment even after several years. A card with kind words keeps disappearing, but you wear jewelry and appreciate it. Exactly: a piece of jewelry with meaningful messages that is so meaningful and valuable that we will be happy to help you find the right words for the piece of jewellery. Share some tips to think about a unique text from the blog. Find some examples to get inspiration from!

When do you present a jewel with a message?

As a graduation gift for your daughter or sister who has invested so much time and effort into their high school or university studies, a beautiful piece of jewellery from trusted jewellers can be a heartfelt and special expression of your appreciation. Although it may seem like a simple gesture, such a precious gift can hold significant meaning and serve as a cherished reminder of their achievement for years to come. For example a message like: “Hey, you can be proud of yourself with what you have achieved!”. A piece of jewelry with a message can also have great meaning for people who have been ill for a long time. Anyone can make someone feel like it matters what an invisible fight costs.

A piece of jewelry with a message is of course also a special gift for an anniversary. And it remains nice to give just such a piece of jewelry just to make an ordinary moment special. I still remember finding a beautiful silver bracelet under my pillow on an ordinary summer evening, and my mother wanted to say that she was proud of me. I still wear the bracelet with a special feeling.

Which piece of jewelry with a message would you give as a gift?

At Xtreme Look we engrave each piece of jewelry individually according to your wishes. Some of these pieces of jewelry are particularly suitable for conveying a special message.

Jewelry with your own text

On this jewelry it is possible to engrave any written text in your handwriting! We have a selection of different special pieces of jewellery. Hearts, rounded or oval pendants and dog tags with pendants engraved with a heart… all jewels are of course available in gold or silver. Choose a beautiful piece of jewelry that goes with your text and that you would also like to wear if someone gave it to you as a gift.

Photo tags with text around them

This photo pendant is also very suitable as a piece of jewelry with a message. Especially for fathers and mothers or grandfathers and grandmothers. Here you can engrave a beautiful photo of a child and add a suitable text to the photo. Check out our blog about Father’s Day first gifts for some sample texts about this gem.

Charms with a message

Our silver and gold charms are also very suitable for a short and powerful message. It is possible to engrave a name, but instead a meaningful word is also very nice. A charm is less conspicuous, but precisely because it is worn around the arm and not around the neck, the wearer is always reminded of it. For example, think of a heart-shaped charm with a special text, like “pride”, “courage” or “persevere”. The charm with a very special message is also very nice: “Marry me?” What a great charm to be reminded of this special moment for years to come!

Beautiful silver bracelets made of beads were ordered from the charms. We have a selection of different colored bracelets.

Ring with a message embellishment

At Xtreme Look you can find different types of rings. With us you will find flat and convex rings made of steel and silver in different widths. Look around. All these rings can be engraved with text in different scripts. Of course we also have friendship rings, where you can also have a nice, applicable text on the inside. In recent years we have seen many beautiful texts that go beautifully with a ring, such as:

“Love makes the world go round”

“The beginning of forever”

“United as one”

“Today, tomorrow, forever”

“To infinity and beyond”

“The future is ours”

Do you know the story of the ring with the message “This should also happen”? It is originally a Hebrew expression meant to cheer a sad man and make a happy man sad. You can find the whole story on Wikipedia. This text is also ordered from us several times and is often used as a boost.

Name Necklace as a jewel with a message

When you think of a name necklace you naturally think of a necklace with a name, the name says it all, but be creative and let’s engrave a meaningful word! There are particularly powerful words that can be worn beautifully as a name necklace. For example, see this chain with the word “saudade”. This word is one of the most difficult words to translate and is Portuguese. It’s a mixture of “homesickness” and “melancholy”. So of course there are nicer words to think about with a strong meaning.

Infinity pendant as an ornament with a message

In addition to a name, you can also choose a beautiful, meaningful word for our jewelry for future daughter-in-law. It is also possible to “swing” a short sentence over the infinity sign instead of the names. Some of our infinity hangers already have a nice message, like “hope”, “love”, “faith” and “forever”. Or how about “Sisters” to show your sister that you mean a lot to her? You can have your names engraved there, or just a nice little message like “connected by heart”. In addition, you can also beautifully engrave such words or phrases on a bar name necklace or bracelet with a name.

What message would you like to give to a piece of jewellery?

Choosing a specific text to add to your gift is obviously very personal. We can give you some tips to find the right text. 1. Why are you giving it? “Congratulations” is not really a text that is of course engraved on a piece of jewelry, but connects it with a thought: “Congratulations, because …….” and keep filling it in. For example “You are an ace” or “You did it!”. 2. Do you want to give someone a heart? Then it is often important to pay attention to your choice of words. Some people are very sensitive when they say “It’ll be fine” or “Cheer up”. Therefore, try to find a phrase that is more encouragement without judgment. For example, think of short words like “Don’t have a special reason but want to give something special? Then you can choose special words with an inspiring meaning, such as: Don’t have a special reason but want to give something special?



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