Jeep debuts killer SEMA 2021 Wrangler concepts

There’s no mistaking what the 2021 SEMA Jeep concepts came to do, with those bulky tires and off-road styling.


Gather ’round all, because it’s SEMA concept time once again. This year, Stellantis is going above and beyond with seven concepts for the wildly popular aftermarket show, the company announced Friday, and the two best ones of the bunch are both Jeeps.

The first — and raddest — concept is called the Jeep Wrangler Overlook. It blends all our favorite aspects of the JL Wrangler four-door with the humped roof and alpine light windows of the totally dreamy-looking but nightmarish-to-own Land Rover Discovery II. 

The concept stretches the Wrangler four-door by a full 12 inches and uses that space to toss in a third row of seats. The driver and front passenger get a custom removable Freedom Top with a sunroof, and the rear passengers get the aforementioned alpine lights and an extra sunroof for viewing pleasure.

From a performance standpoint, the Overlook benefits from a gaggle of accessories from the Jeep Performance Parts catalog, including a 2-inch suspension lift, 20-inch wheels from Black Rhino with 37-inch tires, tubular side steps and a stamped steel front bumper with winch mount. Jeep also added new 5-inch LED lights for the trail and a custom rear bumper with a spare tire reinforcement kit to handle the heavy new wheel and tire package.


Give me all the roof humps and alpine lights, please.


Inside, it’s a sea of black leather and suede with the Jeep grille logo embroidered on the seatbacks. The dashboard also gets leather-wrapped, and there is contrasting Sahara Bronze stitching throughout.

Overall, the Overlook is pretty awesome. We’d love to see it ditch that third row of seats and toss a bunch of overlanding stuff like drawers and refrigerators in the back, though.

Our other favorite concept is the Jeep Performance Parts-modded Wrangler 4xe hybrid. We already knew the 4xe Wrangler was plenty capable off-road since, at heart, it’s still a Wrangler. But the folks from JPP went and made it even better by adding a 2-inch lift with Fox shocks designed specifically for the 4xe model. It also gets beadlock-capable wheels with meaty 37-inch tires as well as a new stamped-steel front bumper with a single-hoop winch protector.

Jeep also added a bunch of custom underbody lights for all the nighttime rock crawling you will want to do in this thing, as well as a set of 5-inch LED driving lights. Also new is the Jeep Gorilla Glass windshield for maximum trail toughness and a complete set of tubular doors. Jeep even built an air compressor into the 4xe’s tailgate to help air back up after a long day on the trail.

The cool thing about both of these Jeep concepts is that intrepid JL Wrangler owners should be able to recreate much of the look and functionality through the judicious application of the Jeep Performance Parts catalog, with trips into the aftermarket for the rest of the necessary goodies.

The 2021 SEMA show will open in Las Vegas on Tuesday, Nov. 2, and run through Friday, Nov. 5. The show, as always, is not open to the public. Instead you need to be a member of the automotive industry to go, but fear not, Roadshow will be there checking out all the cool concepts for you.

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