ITIL 4 Certification Cost: What You Need to Know

Large enterprises, eager to overtake rivals, have turned their attention to IT. Specifically, businesses are looking at ways to improve their IT services to squeeze every advantage from each technology investment.

That’s where ITIL 4 comes in. ITIL is a set of detailed frameworks that help businesses and people manage their IT services. ITIL 4 is the current version of that framework.

IT professionals, eager to boost their career prospects, are lining up to get the latest qualifications to improve their resumes and ITIL 4 tops that list.

Is it right for you, and can you afford to invest in ITIL? Here’s what you should know about ITIL 4 certification cost.

There Is More Than One ITIL Certification

If you are new to ITIL, you must first understand that there is more than one ITIL qualification. Each qualification offers a more advanced level of ITIL application. Here is a complete list:

  • ITIL Foundation
  • ITIL Specialist
  • ITIL Strategist
  • ITIL Leader
  • ITIL Master

ITIL Foundation is the best starting point. You might also want to consider obtaining the ITIL Specialist certification, as this is the one employers will generally seek.

The more advanced levels, such as the ITIL Master, are typically those using ITIL at a high level within an organization (possibly in a senior management position).

What Are Your Career Goals?

Getting an ITIL certification is an excellent addition to a resume. Still, you’ll need to treat it as an investment decision like you would any other qualification, including a university degree.

That means thinking about your long-term career goals and how ITIL fits those career goals. You might find it helpful to browse online job sites to understand what roles ask for ITIL qualifications.

Read through the job descriptions and compare salaries. Be realistic about your job expectations, especially if you are starting your career.

An ITIL qualification might help you stand out, but employers will still want to see some experience. In that case, you might want to think about doing an ITIL certification alongside a junior or apprentice role.

The Typical ITIL 4 Certification Cost

Costs vary depending on what level of certification you go for and whether you choose to do the training in a classroom or online.

ITIL 4 costs can be anywhere between $500 for a foundation course online to several thousand dollars for a more advanced ITIL Master qualification in person.

But consider that you might have different ways to cover that ITIL cost for training. If you are in a job that offers a training budget, put together a business case for completing an ITIL course.

Or apply for an apprentice-level role which includes ITIL training as part of the package.

If you need to cover the costs yourself, look for training programs that allow you to pay in installments. Or consider a bank loan to help you cover the cost.

Is ITIL 4 Right for You?

If you intend to move into an IT career, you already work in a high-tech industry (mainly infrastructure). ITIL could be a way of getting you that next promotion or securing you that dream job.

Don’t forget that any respected certification is an investment, even when you are contemplating the detail of the ITIL 4 certification cost.

If you liked this article, head to our education section for more training ideas to boost your career prospects.



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