Israel-Palestine Conflict: All roads lead to Jerusalem

According to Arab Emergency Committee, more than 1700 Palestinian Israeli where arrested, taking the number of arrest by Israel occupational force to 2001700 detainees since 1948! (Photo source: Reuters)


During an interview with a channel after the cessation of hostilities, the anchor asked me: Israel claiming victory and Hamas also who seriously won? Without hesitation I told him: No one and if anyone claims it, is at the cost of Palestinian blood!

It is difficult to assess claim and counterclaim on the ground from the Israeli sides, in terms of economic loss, since the retaliatory firing by Hamas, made the Israeli settlers run to the bunkers and were saved and most of the rockets were intercepted by the Iron Dome. According to sources 117 Israeli lost their lives and 1200 injured.

In Gaza the loss was devastating, 160 warplanes took three sorties daily, firing from guns and ships on the people of Gaza, as a collective punishments by Nuclear armed Israel to force the resistance forces from their retaliatory rockets firing against Israel, left a horrifying images that will haunt the world conscious for years to come not only the tall buildings and towers but roads leading to those building so no one could be saved and left to die bleeding in pain where no ambulance could reach them!

The people of Gaza with the “Open Sky Dome “ missile system and no retaliatory firing against Israeli military forces had to bear the brutality of Israel military power with nowhere to run, no bunkers to hide and left at the mercy of Israel military forces and paid a hefty price.

After 11 days of nonstop bombardments with the best war technology in the world, pounding the people under suffocating siege spent sleepless nights and cross borders heavy bombardment, damage was devastating, more than 13000 housing units, 269 death including 69 kids, 40 women and 21 elderly and nearly 9000 injured many of them in serious condition with permanent disability. This is the fourth war on Gaza by Israel and the terrified children of Gaza living with permanent scars will require mental treatment for the trauma they suffered every few years of repeated Israeli assaults. While the people of Gaza will start again from scratch to rebuild their live in the besieged strip, while the world will never forget their sufferings and shape public opinion once again for the new generation — that Palestinians liberation forces has the legitimate right to liberate their occupied territories like many nations who struggled for independence and freedom.

The real story was in East Jerusalem

According to Arab Emergency Committee, more than 1700 Palestinian Israeli where arrested, taking the number of arrest by Israel occupational force to 2001700 detainees since 1948! The crackdown against Palestinians in Jerusalem and West Bank continues by Israel forces against those who protested against Israel aggression on Gaza .It is the first time in the history of Palestine struggle since the 1936 uprising against British occupation, that the all the Palestinians stood together even those with Israeli identity protesting against the Israeli brutality and encroachments into Sheikh Al Jarrah enclave citing a threat to the holy Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem.

When the Jebusites (Canaanite people) the true inhabitants of Palestine built Jerusalem they named it Jebus or the city of Jebusites 3800 years ago or Shalim in reference to the God of peace in Canaanite and later was named Jerusalem by the Israelite invaders who killed the aboriginal tribes .

What next?

The war on Gaza diverted the actual cause for the flaring up in Jerusalem but now the hostility has stopped but the Israel military and police forces are arresting Palestinians in East Jerusalem, assaulting media personnel covering the atrocities and beaming to the whole world the reality on the ground. The traumatized Palestinians living in Sheikh Al Jarrah whose lives are in danger since the enclave is besieged by the police and surrounded by armed Jews settlers.

The internal political instability in Israel will be the main focus with the opposition parties trying to form a united coalition government without Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who will be sent to jail to serve the sentences against corruption charges.

The new Israeli government will be able to cooperate with the new US administration, who is losing its influence in the region, to ease the tension in the occupied Palestinian territories, halt settlement activities and ends confiscation of Palestinian houses in East Jerusalem under Draconian laws. Jewish settlers increased 10 folds from 1250000 settlers before Oslo agreement 1993 to more than 7380000 settlers and Israel built an apartheid wall which divided the Palestinians and turned their colonies into Ghettos and non-viable state.

The deal of the century which former president of the USA Donald Trump tried to implement as a new peace plan for the Middle East failed miserably. It is stillbirth and so is Abraham accord where countries who normalized relations with Israel will be questioned by their own people. The focus now is on Al Aqsa mosque and the demographic changes by Tel Aviv to the holy city.

The horror of this war, takes away any claim of victory by Hamas against one of the strongest army in the world who initiated this one sided war. The sudden ceasefire deal by Egypt and Qatar is in Hamas’s favour to gain popularity and assertiveness as leading liberation forces by changing the role of engagement with the Israel military. Now any Israeli attempt on Al Aqsa mosque and ethnic cleansing in East Jerusalem will lead to a retaliation by Hamas. This will be the rallying point for many Islamic countries and regional powers like Turkey and Iran that will favour the axis of resistance to Israeli and US hegemony. The US and Israel will let Palestinian Authority (PA) play a major role in rebuilding Gaza and try to keep the divide between the PA and Hamas so no unity government and inter fighting will keep the pot boiling and the Palestinians will be the cost from both sides.

For Israel it will try to assess the damage to its international reputation and the unconditional support to its policy under anti-Semite slogan and also Tel Aviv will assess the army dominance and seek more US sophisticated weapons from the US Taxpayer coffin of 3 billion USD annually , citing “extinction threat “, allowing the Jewish lobby in the United States to put more pressures on the new administration and extract more economic, militarily and diplomatic concessions to keep shielding it globally by preventing any criminal prosecution of the Israel army because of committing crime against humanity in Gaza .

The real danger will be a civil war like situation with rising attacks on Palestinian Israelis of 1948 by the armed settlers.

The Palestinians will continue to suffer and Israel will continue annihilation of historical Palestine. The suffering of Palestinian people will continue to make their lives impossible and force them to migrate or die by Israel bombs gradually .There will be funding to rebuild Gaza strip inspire of the economic sanction lack of electricity and drinking water Most of the Arab leaders will keep fooling their public and loot the wealth. We need to build Arab states capable of delivering to its own people and gain global recognition, influence world opinion to find a comprehensive peace by ending occupation and apartheid regime and implement UNSC resolutions in this regard.

The images of burning bodies beyond recognition for the people of Gaza, especially children and pregnant women because of Israel military bombing will hunt the conscience of mankind for years to come and this massacre has to stop.

(The author is a Senior International Journalist. Views expressed are personal and do not reflect the official position or policy of the Financial Express Online.)

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