Is Trailer Tracking Worth It? GPS for Trailers

In 2021, CBS News reported that roughly $45 million in cargo thefts affected fleets through September of that year. Surprisingly, this was a decrease from theft rates in 2020, which saw $68 million in losses from theft.

If you manage a trucking fleet, you want ways to keep your trailer safe during transit. The question is, how can fleet managers secure their trailers against theft?

One solution is to use GPS for trailers. Although this may seem unnecessary, trailer tracking offers several benefits for fleets.

What are some of those benefits, you ask? If that’s what you’re wondering, keep reading! We’ll explore these advantages in the guide below.

Minimize Losses With GPS for Trailers

One excellent reason for installing trailer tracking is its ability to minimize losses. A GPS fleet management solution allows managers to see their trailer locations across the whole fleet. In fact, these trackers monitor trailer positions in close to real-time.

These features help you reduce the risk of theft and the financial losses it causes. After all, it’s much harder for somebody to steal a trailer when you can pinpoint its location. Tracking trailers can also help you recover stolen assets since law enforcement can use this data to locate trailers.

Receive an Overview of Your Assets

GPS for trailers provides you with an overall assessment of your assets. You can see all of their locations at any time.

But that’s not all. Many GPS trackers have an app for smartphones as well as desktop devices. So, you can monitor your trailers’ locations from anywhere with the tap of a button.

GPS systems often include additional metrics to help you monitor your trailer conditions. For example, many GPS systems will also tell you the temperature of your trailer cargo. This way, you can ensure that your fleet transports its cargo in the best conditions.

Geo Zone Alerts

GPS tracking allows you to do more than track your trailer locations. It can also use geo zone alerts, which send you information about your cargo’s arrival and departure times.

You can even program these alerts to send notifications to your team. For example, these notifications could tell your team when a cargo shipment is approaching its destination.

This way, you can know whenever your fleet has completed its shipment. You won’t have to call your team to receive a report.

These features also alert you if trailers move away from their proper location. You can set this up by geofencing the perimeter of your work location.

Once you’ve finished geofencing, you’ll receive an alert anytime a trailer leaves this area. If this happens outside of working hours, you’ll receive a notification. You can then call law enforcement to track down the shipping containers.

Find the Trailer Tracking You Need

Finding GPS for trailers offers several benefits for your business. You can rest assured knowing that it’s much harder for criminals to steal your cargo. Likewise, you can monitor your cargo’s conditions and arrivals.

Each of these benefits can improve your working efficiency. So, find the best GPS for your fleet today.

We hope you enjoyed this article. If so, check out our other web content today! We have several other articles that can help fleet managers improve their efficiency and security.

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