Is Buying A Suzuki Mehran Car On Finance Worth It?

Suzuki Mehran has been known in Pakistan for so long that it can be rightfully called as the nostalgic first car of most Pakistanis. Almost Every middle class Pakistani has driven a Mehran at least once in their life. Even though the car has nothing interesting to offer, below average design and lack of features, Mehran has topped the car sales charts for years. That means ‘the boss’ has been the number one choice of thousands of Pakistanis for so many years. Some bought the brand-new models straight outta factory. Some got the used ones, and some bought the car on finance. Here’s why:

Lowest Price

Of course the biggest reason for thousands of yearly Mehran sales is its lowest price. Mehran is one of the cheapest and most affordable cars in Pakistan, which makes it the best option for middle class families. It’s true that even the latest Mehran models do not offer the basic features like power steering and anti-lock braking system (ABS). But since only people with the lowest budget buy Mehran, the lack of features gets neglected. Having a Mehran is better than having no car. 

You can find thousands of used Mehrans in Pakistan ranging between 2 to 6 lacs. Isn’t that the sweetest price spot? Now imagine if you buy the car on finance? All you have to do is deposit a down payment of 1 or 1.5 lac rupees with a monthly installment plan of a few thousand and you’ll have a car for your family.

Lowest Running Cost

Now, the running cost of a car is a huge factor behind the decision of buying one for the family. Suzuki Mehran is dirt cheap to run for years and years. Mehran can easily pull off fuel mileage of 17-20 kilometers per litre in the city. You can drive this car for several days with just a litre of petrol. That means Mehran has the lowest fuel expenditure and running cost, as low as a CD-125 motorbike.

Easy Maintenance and Repairs

If you are not impressed with Mehran being the cheapest car to own and run, don’t make up your mind yet because it gets better. Every car has its rough times, broken headlights, damaged bumper, or, worst of all, a malfunctioning engine. No matter the problem, Mehran can be fixed in no time and at the cheapest cost. 

There is a Mehran expert mechanic at every nook and corner of the country and you can find parts for Mehran at the cheapest rates. Given the history and old design of this car, most Mehran owners can fix their car problems in their own garage. That’s how simple and easy the car is to maintain. 

Speedy Resale

Another great thing about Suzuki Mehran is that the car never goes out of fashion. Mehran has been in our country for three or four decades and it is going to stay with us for more. So don’t you ever worry about the resale of your Mehran. As soon as you decide to upgrade your car and sell this one, just post an ad on PakWheels and you’ll get so many offers, your car will be sold within days at the same price that you got it for.

Anyone Can Buy A Mehran!

The bottom line about Suzuki Mehran is that anyone can buy it. Even if you don’t have 3 to 4 lacs hard cash in your account, you can still buy the car on finance. This car has proven best for the middle class families in Pakistan who want to buy a cheap car. Mehran is also a top choice for beginner drivers who are not that confident with a car and want to learn and get better at it. Mehran is also the best for students, working women and men who want to buy their first car. Last but not the least, Mehran is the most flexible and cheap car to modify for personal touches, which makes it the ultimate choice for car enthusiasts who like to modify old cars and make them modern. 

So, to answer the question “is buying a Mehran on finance in Pakistan worth it?”, hell yeah! You can find thousands of used Mehran cars for sale in Lahore in installments, Mehran cars for sale in Karachi in installments, and all other cities of Pakistan. 


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