Information about file formats and software

Trusted Translations employs  a team of experts and qualified professionals who will provide quality translation of files and software of any format. Our IT specialists, translators, reviewers and layout designers deliver the highest quality translations in the industry; regardless of the size and complexity of the original format or software. 

Translation of any file formats and software 

Trusted Translations uses an efficient platform that supports almost all file formats and software. Our translation services are designed to simplify the translation process so you can focus on your core business. After receiving a file of a certain format, we will provide you with a professionally translated and formatted product in the same form. We offer a wide range of services, from text extraction and high-quality translation to professional design and formatting of text in its original format. Therefore, you do not have to spend time looking for different companies for the translation and graphic design of your documents and passport translation. 

Translation of PDF files 

Imagine that you send your PDF document to a translation company and receive back a finished document in the same format in the desired language, which is no different from the original except for the language. When working with Trusted Translations  , this is possible. We not only translate texts with high quality, but we can also translate and prepare for printing or publishing even the most complex PDF documents. 

Translation of PDF files 

Choosing Trusted Translations for your PDF translation projects, you are guaranteed to receive professionally prepared documents that are immediately usable. Whether the original document you send us is in PDF format or not, our experts will ensure that every element of the original document displays and executes correctly. Our linguists are experts in their fields and make translations that accurately convey all the features of the source text. In addition, they localize the translation so that you can reach both a wider audience around the world and focus on a specific target group. Our DTP experts will re-layout the translated document to look just like the original PDF document. Therefore, ordering from Trusted Translations translation of a PDF document, you do not have to deal with additional translation processing. You will receive a fully formatted PDF document translated into the target language and ready to use immediately. 

All-in-One PDF Translation Solution 

Quite often, when you receive a translated text from a translation agency, you have to look for a graphic design company to customize the formatting and graphics in the finished

. The advantage of working with Trusted Translations is that we also provide prepress services. See just some of the benefits of working with one company that provides both types of services: 

  1. After the translation, the client receives the final finished product. No additional action. You give us a PDF file and receive a professionally translated and print-ready document in return. 
  1. It is usually cheaper to use one company for translation and prepress services than to hire two companies for each separate task. In addition, upon request, we are ready to cooperate with your design team or your client’s team. 
  1. Another advantage is that the translator can see how the translated text will look in the layout of the original document. 

Working with Trusted Translations allows you to enjoy all these benefits. When we give away a translated PDF document, you have nothing to worry about – it will look as if it were the original. When you send PDF documents to Trusted translation of documents, you receive professionally translated and print-ready documents in the same format. 



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