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In which countries should I travel to spend my bitcoins?


If bitcoin is an investment that is attracting more and more get-rich-quick candidates, as well as a potential safe haven in these times of crisis, it should not be forgotten that it is above all intend to be use as a currency. In its early days, it was very rare to be able to spend bitcoins directly to buy goods or services, but many companies are gradually embarking on the adventure and now accept bitcoins as a means of payment. Their move is support by the emergence of crypto applications such as Yuanpay Group.

However, not all countries have the same possibilities for traveling to spend bitcoins. Some regions of the world have even taken a strong lead in this area and, if the dynamic is trigger everywhere, it will be easier for you to monetize your bitcoins in the most connects and technologically advance areas. Overview of these “crypto-friendly” regions of the globe.

Travel to spend your bitcoins in the United States or Dubai

Unsurprisingly, the countries where it is easiest to travel to spend bitcoins are the main players in new technologies. In the United States, the city of San Francisco in particular offers the most possibilities. A stone’s throw from Silicon Valley, crypto-currencies, and especially bitcoin is accepted here as a means of payment by many hotels and restaurants and many local shops.

In Dubai, there is a company, Aston Plaza Crypto, which has launch the construction of two residential towers whose apartments will be directly payable in bitcoins and the local authorities have announced the launch of their own cryptocurrency, the EmCash, which will eventually allow you to pay your electricity bills, school fees or even a simple coffee directly with your crypto-assets! A piece of news to follow on crypto blogs!

Other crypto-friendly countries

Japan is also way ahead in bitcoin payment. A multitude of stores, especially electronics, allow you to pay directly for purchases in cryptocurrencies. In Europe, the Netherlands launched the first “bitcoin boulevard” on the banks of the Hague canal. Here, all the shops accept bitcoins and in Amsterdam, it is even possible to rent a bike with bitcoins! An ideal country to travel to spend your bitcoins.

In Germany, an electricity distribution company in Hannover allows its customers to pay their bills through bitcoins while the European School of Management and Technology, a renowned school, allows tuition fees to be paid directly in crypto, bitcoin of course but also ether, litecoin or dash. Finally, in Russia and more particularly in Saint Petersburg, it is possible to do sports in fitness rooms in exchange for bitcoins!

Spend your bitcoins in France

If some regions of the world are much more favorable to travel to spend bitcoins than France, it intends to catch up and the Minister of the Economy has even announced that he wants to make Paris the world capital of crypto fundraising. In the meantime, Paris already allows you to pay for your purchases in bitcoins, in particular in the Passage du Grand Cerf, the first bitcoin boulevard in Paris.

But it is not the only city in France to have started its monetary revolution. In Toulouse, it is already possible to pay for coworking spaces with cryptocurrency, especially in the Maison du Bitcoin or the Canteen. You can also pay for the cloud hosting of your websites or the purchase of domain names in this way, in particular thanks to the company Gandi. Finally, be aware that companies like Expedia, Dell, or Microsoft allow payment in cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world.

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