Impress Your Customers with Entrance Door Mats When They Walk into Your Workspace

The first impression that people make when they enter your workspace is of extreme importance. In today’s fierce competition, your business must depict an accurate representation of your core values, structure, and brand to your customers as soon as they enter your business area.

All these criteria can be fulfilled by placing commercial entrance matsm which is a solid way of delivering the first positive insight and impression of your business area.

Buy impeccable entrance mats

Entrance mats from the brand Ultimate Mats are an authorized distributor of WaterHog door mats that are the best in the industry for trapping water and dirt. These impeccable entry mats create a hearty welcome to the customers helping to keep the buildings clean by trapping water, mud, dirt, and debris right at the entrance.

Since they partner with only the top mat manufacturers and suppliers in the US, Ultimate Mats provide the highest quality entrance mats, anti-fatigue mats, and custom logo mats, all of which are made of the finest materials available.

If your business requires customers to come to your work area physically then you need to understand the importance of impressing them. Two things that your customers or clients will notice upon entering any workplace are:

  • The smell
  • The cleanliness


It is hilarious to even think that smell could be something that impacts a business but actually, it’s a proven fact. In other words, our brain responds and triggers us to leave a place if we smell something bad.

You would never want to greet your clients and customers with such a scenario upon their entrance to your store. Therefore, keep a good commercial entrance mat that will absorb moisture and keep the area fresh.

It is only good, fresh, clean aromas that put people at ease and encourages them to stay around.

  • Empty your trash bins that stink up a room and make your space clear of trash, stale food, and anything else that could emit a bad odor.
  • Keep a bottle of air freshener always ready in your workplace for dealing with old food, stinking coffee spills, or any smelly item.
  • Keep the bathroom at your workplace clean, fresh, and well-maintained.


Keeping a custom entrance mat at your business location serves as the first defense of keeping dirt, mud, and debris, away from entering your work premises. Your guests would feel welcomed, safe and comfortable while entering the premises.

Huge entrance mats with anti-skid backs reduce slips and fall and this will work great for your business. Commercial entrance mats:

  • Stop soil and water at the door so the floors remain clean
  • Provide a safe and non-slippery surface.

Pay attention to minute details regarding the cleanliness of your business area.

  • Get the floors cleaned regularly
  • Keep the windows spotless
  • Consider repainting
  • Get regular plumbing and electrical maintenance done

A beautiful, sparkling clean working space impresses your customers and shows that you are professional, competent, and meticulous in your job. Thus, keep a custom entrance mat to impress your customers and make them feel that you pride yourself on a safe, clean, comfortable, and hygienic facility.



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