Important factors to consider while you buy rugs for the living room space

Feel heaven under your feet with rugs that define finesse. Rugs add charm to your floor. If you have an eloquently designed room but still feel that something is missing, then that has to be a rug. Choosing Modern Persian rugs is a mark of sophistication and class. Every thread weaves a story. When you place a rug in your living room, every thread narrates a story. The room begins to be not just a space, but an experience.

But to buy a carpet for the living room that makes a statement is no cakewalk. You need to consider certain points before you pick the right one for you. Through this blog, we’ll help you fathom how you can buy just the perfect rug for the living room from the top home decor websites.

Size and Shape of the rug

When it comes to choosing the right rug, choose the size and shape of it according to your room. Whether you have a small or a large room, there’s a rug for all. Find something that is not too big which means just enough floor is visible between the wall and the rug. But it shouldn’t also be too small. A small rug will not stand out. The thumb rule is to find the piece that can contain major room elements and serve as a buffer between built-ins. Talking specifically of carpet for the living room, ensure that you place the rug at the front legs of the sofa. In a big living room, the seating area should contain all the furniture with space around it.

How to measure the room size for a rug?

Take the measurement of the room and reduce the dimensions by 1-2 feet. This will give you the perfect size of the rug where there is neither a lot of empty space nor overcrowding.

Material and style

Choose a design that allures everyone. But before we come to the design, let’s take into account the material of the rug. A number of home decor websites offer different materials of rugs like silk, wool, jute, acrylic and polyester. We would suggest you opt for synthetic fibres if you have modern interiors while natural fibres work for vintage homes. Also, the style of your carpet for the living room must also complement the other existing items in the room. The design should be vintage or contemporary according to the interiors.

Note the pile

The pile of a rug refers to the density or thickness of the rug that must be accounted for. Coarser rugs will have more pile than intricately designed pieces. Pile of carpet for living room is something that most people fail to consider though they must. Your rug can be of two types: Low pile rug and high pile rug. Low pile rugs have short fibres that suit areas like kitchens (high traffic areas). High pile rugs are more plush and tall with loose fibres making them ideal rugs for living rooms. So, if you’re looking for a carpet for the living room, check out the high pile rugs. The height also adds performance and aesthetics to the design. Well, do you know rugs also provide sound buffering? The thicker the rug, the more is insulation. High pile rugs also stay intact for a longer time. The longevity of a rug also depends on its quality of it. If you buy rugs from renowned home decor websites, then quality is the last thing you must worry about. One such website is Dekor Company. Check it out now!

Choose the best design

Depending on your existing decor, select a design that suits your room best. A bold and classy patterned rug will become the focal point of the room. It’s a personal choice if you want to go for a graphic statement piece or a more understated piece. So, have a look at your existing decor and then decide. We would say that if you have an extravagant room style, choose a plain rug to bring visual balance to the room. For an elegant and suave room, you can go for patterned statement pieces. The colour of your carpet for the living room will also depend on your palette and interior style.

Get a rug pad

If you have found your eccentric piece, then next is to ensure that it withstands time. For that, you’ll need a rug pad. It will protect the rug from slipping. Not just this, rug pad will also prevent dents when you put heavy furniture on these rugs. Surely, a rug gives comfort to your feet, a rug pad elevates this comfort even more.


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