Importance of Lighting Hire in Event Production

Lighting might not be seen as the most important factor of an event but consider a musical concert without any special lights but only a single-color torch throwing down from the top. Yes, this doesn’t sound like a musical concert but a funeral. This is the value of light in an event this can alter the vibe of an event just by changing a shade.

Without proper lighting, no one can see anything properly. The hard work on the visuals will not be appreciated much in dark.

Different kinds of Lighting?

Lighting depends on the requirement of the basic nature of the event.

Mood Lights

Mood lights set the vibe of the event such as for a seminar in a single room with low-frequency lights i.e., red and blue lights considered to give a relaxing and calming effect to the mind and body, quickly than the normal white lights.


Spotlights are mainly used to focus on something or someone. Such as in an award show if someone is receiving an award, the spotlight will follow him to the stage. Or in some cases, random crossing movements of multiple spotlights increase the intensity of the scene.

Eco Friendly

Today everyone wants eco-friendly environments everywhere. This is also one requirement of the clients these days, to use eco-friendly lighting in the event for a friendly environment. The main point of all this is that these lights are less heat emitter.

Charging Lights

In case of emergency charging or battery-powered lights is the best temporary solution.


In case you are not interested in hiring the production, you can just hire the equipment and with the follow-up and instructions were given to you, you can easily hold up your event without any need for help. In the same case, you will be given instructions on how to use the projector for a suitable use according to the nature of your event.

Cost-Efficiency is Attention taking Factor

It is important to consider a lighting hire that can offer all the required services for the specific event under the same budget. And also guarantees to put in extra effort to the event.

How does Lighting Affect Different Events?

Lighting can change the nature of the event in a way no other factor can do it alone.


The only thing you need to take stress for is the question of “what idea do you have in mind?”. You need to impress the donors to keep up with your event.  To reach success in your mind, it is important to let the professionals add their experience to the evening.

If the audience does not have proper eyes and ears on the event, they can’t take part in it with interest. To gain the maximum publicity for the charity it is important to provide more than the required effort on the event.

Product Launch

Launching a new product is a crucial moment and needs everything to be done with much care. That is the reason why hiring professionals is important and the thing even more important is hiring the correct lighting.

The audience of a product launch consists of the future buyers of the product and the press which are willing to write and publish about the product. So, the host company needs to make a first good impression that counts.


The years of exhibitions lessen the time to coordinate with inner staff and as well as with the host. Because they already know what is the current trend and what could the client possibly ask for. Anything they could go for is already in planners’ minds and that means they are already packed up for it.

These lighting providers are aware of the settings of lights which can bring out the core message of the exhibition.


Seminars include the services of audio visual, lighting hire, sound hire, technical support to the problems of the events. Other than these microphones, cameras, projectors, and plasma screens are essential for any kind of seminar.

Seminars use different kinds of soothing lights for different purposes in a single seminar. For example, during the normal speeches lights of the room will be different but when the special guest of the seminar comes to the stage lights will be changed to high or low intensity whatever suits them best.

Breakfast Meetings

Proper breakfast with an official meeting seems to be a serious goal to handle. Because there is a great chance of ruining the meeting if some waiter got into an accident and tripped over the extension cords of the equipment.

Professionals might have a solution to this problem. Fixing the time for the presentation and serving breakfast could be a simple solution. But they might know more if this solution does not suit you best.

Press Conference

Press conferences are one of the most attention-taking events these event planners get into. These conferences have a long list of equipment to be used in it. Such as microphones, cameras, projectors, multiple LED screens, and most importantly a lot of lights to help the audience in making notes during the conference.


How Venue Selection Changes Things?

Lighting is supposed to cover each corner of the event. When the venue changes it changes every setting of the lighting and the team of lighting will need to take all the measures from the scratch. If the host company couldn’t find a venue in a good shape, then they can trust their event production to arrange one.

Need of Extra Equipment

There is always a need for extra equipment in case some becomes faulty. This is one of the characteristics of a reputed and experienced lighting service provider. A service-oriented lighting provider always chooses the best approach to entertain the customer with.

AV productions are known as one of the best event productions in London. Their priority goal is to provide customer satisfaction rather than business to the company.

Having some extra move bulbs in the bag doesn’t cost you extra money. These kinds of providers always have backups for almost everything that can go wrong even after double-checking. These are mostly light bulbs, extension cords, projectors, etc. 


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